[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #82 : Smita Nagraj Board, Rajasthan Home State, Mechanical Engineering Optional, Writing Hindi poems, Forest conservation,Theatre Hobbies

Date of Interview: 31/08/21
Board: Smita Nagraj Mam
Background: IIT-B, NSS, POR in college
Optional: Mechanical Engineering
Home State:  Rajasthan
Hobby: Writing Hindi poems, Forest conservation,Theatre


  1. You have a good loud voice. How you have used it in life?
  2. You specifically mentioned leadership. What kind of role you had?
  3. Given current socio-political scenario. What kind of leadership would you prefer?
  4. What are the limits to “accommodation of different ideas”
  5. What is judicial activism
  6. Give examples
  7. Recent examples
  8. Few more questions

Member 1

  1. Blockchain technology and its uses
  2. Herd immunity. When india will reach there
  3. Should schools be opened? Aren’t we risking their life?
  4. Cheetah from South Africa. Why shifting habitat ? Would it be counter productive?
  5. What is net neutrality?
  6. Few more …

Member 2

  1. Motto of NSS
  2. Who is “you” is this? (Motto was “Not me but you “)
  3. What is UCC? What is your take?
  4. 75 years passed, it’s a DPSP but not implemented? What are the hurdles? Can it be implemented?
  5. Weaponisation of RTE act.. your views
  6. Is FDI threat to federal structure ?

Member 3

  1. So many seeds sown but tree cover not increasing ?
  2. What is conversion rate of seeds into trees ?
  3. How can theatre be used in society?
  4. Can india achieve 33% forest cover target ?
  5. What is current data ?
  6. What can be done to increase forest cover ?

Member 4

  1. Armenia Azerbaijan war. What do you know about it ?
  2. Which country played the significant role ?
  3. Why Pakistan is in grey list ?
  4. What steps they have taken ?
  5. Powers of NDMA


  1. Was there any instance when your leadership was challenged ?
  2. Few counter questions on this
    Thank you your interview is over
    Very cordial board. No cornering

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