[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #83 : Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Kerala Home State, Writing Stories Hobby

Board: Satyavathy Mam
Home State: Kerala
Hobby: Writing Stories
Interested in dance


  1. So you are in IRTS, but IRTS is generally a service which women do not opt for. And women choose IRAS or IRPS instead. So was that a choice or you got allocated to that.
  2. So why IRTS?
  3. Why then other women do consider it as a difficult service.
  4. But all central services are 24*7 and demanding.
  5. So, you want to run away from IRTS because you consider both IAS and IPS to be simpler than IRTS?
  6. ( Here, I had to tell that it is not about leaving IRTS. I am indeed happy and satisfied in IRTS.
  7. But IAs and IPS were my first choices and I want to get into my preferred service since I have the chance to do it. And I do not consider IRTS to be a difficult service for women but what I said was a general perception candidate used to have regarding IRTS)
  8. So how many women in your batch?
  9. So 14 is a big number. Better than IAS and IPS, then why it is said that women do not join IRTS?
  10. So what is the reason behind this change in perception?
  11. You took literature as optional, why?

Member 1

  1. Traffic is an issue in railways, how to solve it. ( I did not understand initially and asked for clarification). Then he clarified that he meant punctuality issues and congestion.
    So, what needs to be done?
  2. What is your opinion about green energy?
  3. Do you think Malayalam originated from Sanskrit?
  4. Why you say that? Give citations??

Member 2

  1. Do you write short stories? In which language?
  2. Give us a synopsis of a story you have written recently.
  3. You were the best camper at Deepika Children’s league? What was this about? What all did you do?
  4. And you dance as well. Which dance, Kathakali or something like that? So, you are more in to aerobics like dance?

Member 3

  1. Tell us where the construction of bullet train stands right now.
  2. So have they done feasibility study and survey of land?
  3. What is your opinion on monetisation of railway assets?
  4. Why private players not interested?Is it the project cost?
  5. So how to solve this issue?
  6. So, you are part of an exciting service.IRTS is generally considered the best of all railway services, so how does IRTS officers view upon the amalgamation of services? Don’t you think it is detrimental to IRTS?
  7. Elephants die on track in Kerala. What can be done to stop this?
    This bee project you are talking about, did that fail?

Member 4

  1. I want to start from the elephant issue. Can’t railways make sure that elephant corridors are avoided while laying tracks?
  2. If there is a situation where it is a single line and goods train and passenger trains are approaching from either directions, as an AOM to which train will you accord priority?
  3. You write stories and you were part of departmental magazine.What did you do in that?
  4. You have this love for literature, so do you know KR Meera?
    Is she really famous in Kerala?
  5. Railways is using automated system instead of earlier token system now. Don’t you think that has lead to increase in accidents?

Chairman. Your interview is over, good luck.

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