[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #84 : Sathiyavathy ma’am Board, Gujarat Home State, Mechanical Engineering Optional, Playing kabaddi Hobby

Board: Sathiyavathy ma’am
Home State: Gujarat
Optional: Mechanical engineering
Hobby: Playing kabaddi


  1. Lot of friction between India n pak on the kutch border
    A. Sir creek n fisherman
  2. Also in south Fisherman problem India sl
  3. Kutch tourism potential
  4. Dhordo rannotsav
  5. Religious tourism aashapura narayan sarovar anjar
    Historical aina prag mahel
  6. Mandvi watersport

Member 2

  1. India Bhutan Does relationship is favoured more to India than Bhutan
  2. Mutual benefits trade China security hydrological n energy cooperation
  3. Tug war on that issue
  4. Bureaucracy red tapism n perception of arrogance
  5. A yes its there at some extent Solution by ethical training Technology
  6. Cm dashboard
  7. Grievance redressal
  8. JAM and faceless assessment
  9. Officer has to go between People like village dev plan
  10. u mentioned only playing kabbadi why not other achievements
    A. In counter que I will be caught so why I should speak lie
  11. Why u want to become a civil servant, not a businessman as many gujju do.

Member 3

  1. What is the role of IIS officer?
  2. Which dept PIB BROADCASTING film division film certification
  3. Who regulates ott?
  4. Recent 3 tier structure
  5. Self platform
  6. Body of platform
    Govt What do you think abt govt interference
  7. I said it is required by
  8. Child women art 19 whole…
  9. Then she caught that faceless assessment
  10. What is it? How?
  11. In deep I don’t know ma’am
  12. How u used your knowledge of mechanical engineering
  13. Analysis and decentralise maths
  14. She said earlier u said administration required more human touch. So its not contradictory
    I said combination of both for effective admi.
  15. What is csc?
    Ppp model worker village level computer entrepreneur for delivering govt schemes
  16. So, there is physical contact and chance of corruption, how solution
    Ma’am, they just do entry at decentalise level
    Layered verification by TEHSILDAR and BDO

Member 4

  1. Accha Mechanical
  2. Tell me a different form of renewable energy form
  3. Wind solar geothermal tide wave
  4. Why fluctuations?
  5. Night weather Solution?
  6. Batteries and grid connection
  7. New Dev in batteries?
  8. Li ion but don’t know in detail
  9. Is there grid connection at pan india?
  10. Sir i don’t knw abt national grid but adani sends power 2 haryana
  11. At&c loss?
  12. What percent at vs c?
  13. Gujarat irrigation ratio
  14. I don’t knw Indian irrigation ration Around 46 he said 48
    I said thanks sir
  15. Irrigation capacity utilization?
    I don’t knw sir

Member 5

  1. Climate migration?
  2. Capetown,maldives, Bangladesh, india
  3. Solution Adaption and mitigation
  4. Redd+ Carbon capture and utilization
  5. Why Forest fires
  6. Recent cyclones in India
  7. Taute n Yash Why?
  8. Difference between cyclone and hurricane
    I said no such difference only names
  9. He said there is I clarified, r u talking abt tornado or typhoon
  10. He said i m talking abt typhoons only
  11. So i said sir i don’t know

Mr…….. ur interview is over

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