[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #85 : Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Commerce & accountancy Optional, flute, vipassana meditation, mentoring Hobbies

Board: Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Background: CA, B.Com,
Optional: Commerce & accountancy
Hobbies: flute, vipassana meditation, mentoring


  1.  why did you quit your job and what have you been doing since then?
  2. what is the specialty of the book you authored
  3. did you publish it commercially?
  4. how many people have read your book?
  5. tell me any two tax reforms indirect tax to increase collections
  6. you view on taxing agriculture

Member 1

  1. you practice vipassana. how is it different from other forms of meditation
  2. have you attended that course? 7 days or 10 days of cutting off – how many days is it?
  3. if you are a dm and there are people in the district hungry and poor, will you still ask them to do vipassana?
  4. your views on the gst reform? has it been successful
  5. what was your role as member of woman empowerment committee? what suggestions did you give?
  6. should women enjoy political representation?

Member 2

  1. so you play the flute. how well do you play it?
  2. have you ever performed in public?
  3. hari prasad Chaurasia Ji comes from which Gharana
  4. what do you know about ma Annapurna Devi (Hari prasad chaurasia jis teacher)? which instrument does she play? why is she particularly famous?
  5. what is the difference between flute and guitar or keyboard?
  6. what is meend? ( a flute technique) – can we do it in keyboard or guitar? (tried to lead me to the answer he wanted to hear)
  7.  you do mentor? whom do you mentor?

Member 3

  1. it portal has been facing glitches. what are the issues?
  2. was it right to hold up infosys?
  3. does general category have reservation? sc st obc etc have reservations so in a way can we say that general category candidates have a reservation too?

Member 4

  1. you have secured a rank in ca. why not continue?
  2. are you aware about the challenges a civil servant faces?
  3. You have studied from distance learning. what are New education policy provisions regarding distance learning?
  4. have you heard of swayam or MOOCs?
  5. what is blended learning?

advice – smile 🙂 they’re cordial and patient listeners

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