[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #89 : Sujata Mehta Ma’am Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Cooking Hobby

Board: Sujata Mehta Ma’am
Experience: IRS(IT) training
Hobby: Cooking
Home State: Tamil Nadu


  1. What is citizen-centric administration
  2. Rate IT dept out of 10 ( I said 10 )
  3. What abt faceless then.. people are facing issues
  4. Asked some forms related to IT which I don’t know

Member 2 

  1. Tiruppur issues during covid
  2. Names of schemes related to skilling

Member 3 

  1. Why IAS ( i said I opted IPS)
  2. Reasons
  3. Disaster Management… my participation

Member 4

  1. Why grandmasters in India is low?
  2. Chess can be learned or talent?
  3. Road and environmental clearances in Himachal Pradesh

Member 5

  1. you want to work in tn right? yes
  2. Will you go to Nagaland?
  3. Problems in Nagaland? I said ans related to administration..
  4. tell from police perspective.
  5. How apprenticeship program can be done


  1. Would you like to ask anything .. I said no.. ok u can leave

Again Member 1

  1. Tell something abt cooking … what do you cook

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