[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #90 : Sathiyavathy Madam Board, Chemistry Optional, Movies; Memoirs Hobby

Interview date: 24th of August
Board: Sathiyavathy Madam
Background: Btech – IIT Delhi
Work ex: Textile Technology
Optional: Chemistry
Hobby: Movies; Memoirs


  1. What is this name? Single name or double name?
  2. How many memoirs did you read?
  3. Tell me the name of the authors?
  4. What kind of authors they are? No big leaders?
  5. Why Bangladesh is doing better than India in textile export?
  6. Suggest two measures to improve textile export?
  7. She gave the background of the silk industry. Asked its properties?
  8. Types of silk?
  9. Largest production of silk?
  10. Regions of India where silk is grown?
  11. What can be done to improve its production?
  12. Asked about experience in textile industry and pollution?


  1. Picked from textile pollution. Asked me about pollutants released in environment.
  2. Suggest measures to reduce textile pollution.
  3. How will you control textile pollution as in charge of textile?
  4. How will you control textile pollution as in charge of cpcb?
  5. (lots of background) How will you control textile pollution as in charge of textile and cpcb both?


  1. Asked about my school (HAL)?
  2. Tell me about recent news of HAL?
  3. Gujarat anti-conversion issue? Asked me about onus of proof?
  4. Tell me your opinion about anti-conversion law?
  5. What is a glycemic index? (chemistry question:-I)
  6. What is its role?
  7. How do you suggest food for a healthy lifestyle? (not able to recall exact question)
  8. What kind of movies do you watch?
  9. Benefits of watching science fiction movies.

Member 3

  1. What are doing since your graduation?
  2. Tell me about your interest? (told what was written in daf)
  3. Tell me about other interests.
  4. No, tell me about topics.
  5. Now he explained that he want ask to from current affairs.
  6. Why the center of geopolitics is shifting from atlantic to Asia?
  7. Is china ready to take role of global leader?
  8. What is a classical movie?
  9. Have you watched any hollywood classical movie?

Member 4

  1. What is Kanpur famous for? (written in DAF)
  2. What are other things it is famous for?
  3. Asked about arms-related industry of Kanpur?
  4. What was Kanpur famous for during British times?
  5. Tell me about textile testing?
  6. Tell me the exact number of textile testing?
  7. Problems of the silk industry?

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