[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #92 : Sathiyavathy Board, Geography  Optional, astronomy, meditation Hobbies

Date of Interview:  01/09/21
Board: M. Sathiyavathy ma’am
Background: Mechanical engineering
Optional: Geography
Hobbies: astronomy, meditation


  1. What is Mr. Freshers’ title?
  2. How do you practice your hobby?
  3. Which food help in reducing anaemia?

Member 1

  1. Wha is CDS? Do you think India needed one?
  2. In which postions are women represented in Indian military?
  3. What is your opinion on US naval ship coming in India’s EEZ, are we correct in protesting it at international forum?
  4. What is CPEC?
  5. How is Taliban afganistan going to impact it?
  6. What are China’s concern in Afghanistan?

Member 2

  1. Should geography be removed from syllabus as permanent subject?
  2. Google has all knowledge, why study geography then?
  3. What is human geography?
  4. Suppose you’re a DM of some district, influx of returning migrant workers has put pressure on your resources, how will you manage it? Does it cause clashes between existing labour and migrant labor?

Member 3

  1. What is event horizon? Why is it called event horizon?
  2. What is schwarzchild radius?
  3. How do scientist know that climate change has been occuring since industrial revolution?
  4. Give me specific answer.

Member 4

  1. Who wrote Kosmos? (Alexander von Humboldt)
  2. What was his contribution to geography?
  3. What is territorial integrity?
  4. What is radical geography?
  5. Who was it’s first proponent?
    * Interview over*
    I’ll update as and when I remember more questions.

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