[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #94 : Dr TCA Anant sir Board, Bihar Home State, PSIR  Optional

Date of Interview:- 1st September
Board: Dr TCA Anant sir
Background: BA(H) Political Science from Delhi University
Home State: Bihar
Work ex: few internships
Optional: PSIR


  1. In lighter tone, while reading DAF:- You are from original Pusa(Bihar), not duplicate pusa (of Delhi)..
  2. You graduated in 2020..Good..
  3. What is the significance of Pusa? Why is it famous?
  4. Reading main points of DAF
  5. You cleared NDA exam with AIR 242. Then why didn’t you join? (Told him that I am color blind, so rejected in Medical)
  6. So, you are interested in army? (Smiling)
  7. Members talking among themselves:- Fir to IPS me b dikkat hogi due to color blindness.. however it is not our domain..

Member 1

  1. What were your observations in rural development internship and community service internship?
  2. What are the main issues?
  3. What suggestions would you give to the authorities?

Member 2 

  1. Why bihar-jharkhand region is backward in terms of development?
  2. What would be the future of Indian cinema?
  3. What were your initiatives as Vice president of photography society of your college?
  4. What leadership skills did you learn as part of VP of society which can be used in administration..Give examples..

Member 3 

  1. Our PM talks about local to global but why indian companies couldn’t become global? give reasons..
  2. Is this only government’s fault?
  3. Why our services export is booming but manufacturing sector lags behind.. we have many
  4. MNC is services sector but not in manufacturing.. why?
  5. What can be the way forward ..What will you do if you become secretary?

Member 4

  1. ( All questions related to DAF)
  2. What type of science fiction movies you watch?
  3. Which movie you think can become reality in the near future?
  4. Why india is not so much scientifically advanced in space research?
  5. What more could be done?

Chairman: said well done after my interview got over
Very cordial board
Lady member was keenly observing me throughout the interview
One member meh faced always

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