[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #96 : RN. Choubey sir Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Geography Optional

Board: RN. Choubey sir
Background: B.E ( ECE)
Home State: Tamilnadu
Optional: Geography
Work experience: probationary Sub-registrar


  1. Introduce yourself in educational and employment areas.
  2. Why you to join civil service.
  3. The Kongu region is asking for separate statehood from Tamilnadu. What can be the condition for bifurcation and against bifurcation
  4. Doesn’t political aspiration important for statehood?
  5. Kashmir valley is asking for separation from India. Can we give that?

Member 1

  1. Why former us president trump want to buy Greenland.
  2. Benefit of melting of ice in Arctic region. What are the countries which will benefit from this
  3. Disadvantage of receding snowline for Siberia
  4. Why US Target Iran nuclear program. Follow up question on that.

Member 2

  1. China’s current position on srilanka. How it affects India interest.
  2. Need for 5g, infrastructural difference between 4 g and 5 g, can we not introduce 5g in some pockets

Member 3

  1. What does Tibet mean in itbp
  2. Geopolitical development of India in after independence in light of 75 the year of independence
  3. Religious sect which developed in Tamilnadu and spread in all parts of India

Member 4

  1. Tamilnadu former cheif minister miss Jayalalitha was very strong leader. Despite this patriarchy is still prevalent in Tamilnadu?
  2. If there is again war between singalese and Tamil people in srilanka. Will India again support srilanka by military help and training.
  3. Should India provide refugee assistance to Srilanka Tamil in case of such war?
  4. How would you use electronics in registration department to increase public service delivery


Do you want to say something.
Me: no sir. Thank you
Chairman: your interview is over.

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