[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #97 : RN Choubey sir Board, Civil Engineer

Date of Interview: 2nd September
Board: RN Choubey sir
Background: Civil Engg

Welcomed by sir and ask for seat and ask to remove mask the for whole interview.


  1. Should we say Utsav rather than whole name?
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Ask about the Hydrological cycle and why some are saying that water is reducing?And give example. And some counter questions. NE india vs gujarat, US canada amazon example.

Member 1

  1. (very positive mindset person)
  2. Why gujarat is lacking behind in social indicators and what government is doing .Gave long answer with some examples.
  3. We can change friends but not neighbour.Explained with example china pakistan as neighbour while US(now) and USSR(1971) as friends.
  4. Should government carry surgical strike in Pakistan (Rawalpindi) region?But why not .I said no sir .then he ask why we carried out then .i said it was POK as disputed territory.
  5. Importance of india ocean for india. I quoted that india is a stationed ship in indian ocean. And some counter questions.

Member 2

  1. (speak slowly and not louder)
  2. Your take on linguistic reorganization of nation. Gave example abt GJ as growth engine after separation from MH.Strengthen national unity.
  3. Police reform. Which are need and here gave details answer with example 7 points as under Prakash singh(didn’t it).
    And reservation of women like GJ for better policing plus community policing and many other
  4. Utility of Rajya sabha .Gave power ,control over executive, state representation and other too.Later asked that it is used as seat for retire political. But gave example of Sachin contribution in sport and judge better debate and discussion.
  5. Why our union is stronger and how state has autonomy?Gave  example how state can do their work taxation ,FC and concurrent list power. and union to protect terrortial integrity plus National security.To promote unity .

Member 3

  1. What is this reflective writing?
  2. Questions about tolerance, violence and caste identity erosion. Gave example few. And counter questions too.
  3. India nepal border issue .which place(kalapani, limpu pass) and how to solve.Why russia solve border issue with china and why not india solving.What is your take… And certain counter questions.

Member 4

  1. Questions on ladakh and how civil Engg used in building their. Gave short term and long term solutions. Ladakh as land of pasess. Prefabricated structure plus wooden structure to protect from extreme weather plus sloping roof.
  2. other some small questions that i cannot remember now.

Chairman sir.
Thank you for talking with you and your interview is over..35 min appro.
Very coordial board and smiling face.

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