[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #99 : Smita Nagraj Ma’am Board, PSIR Optional, IPS

Date of interview: 21/08/21
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Optional: PSIR


  1. Your Cadre
  2. Why so much violence in West Bengal(don’t tell about political violence)?
  3. Policing challenges in Bengal?
  4. How policing is different in Bengal from Bihar?
  5. How to deal with communal violence and Caste violence?
  6. Why no Peace committee in Caste-based violence?
  7. Will you take legal action in Communal violence cases?
  8. SDM Lathicharge- GOOD OR BAD?
  9. Do you think that our education system is based on giving degrees?
  10. How to improve employability?


  1. What is Nation-State?
  2. Appointment of SC judges, Models of appointment?
  3. What kind of federalism in appointment of judges in India?
  4. Is India a Federal state- Justify?
  5. Is NEP just reiterating what already have been done?


  1. Why is adult literacy needed?
  2. Should we have a national plan for this?
  3. Is it justified to educate adults under MNREGA?
  4. Conviction rate is very low in India, what reforms needed in entire CJS?
  5. Which vacancy should be filled first- IPS or Constables?


  1. Is it justified to keep a draconian law like Sedition in our democracy?
  2. Why China being aggressive towards India?
  3. Why Tawang is important for China?
  4. What should be our strategy to counter China?
  5. Why china claims South China Sea?
  6. Name of country has dispute in South China sea but not a member of UN.


  1. What is string of pearls?
  2. What are we doing to counter it?
  3. Why south china sea is important for the world?
  4. Why china did not accept World court’s judgment?
  5. Why china wants to alter world order?
  6. How can developing nations plan action to counter China?
  7. What is happening in Afghanistan?
  8. Has India lost strategic position in Afghanistan?
  9. Why India did not recognise Taliban?
  10. What security challenges India face from Afghanistan?
  11. What can we do?


  1. What is our current strategy in Afghanistan?
  2. Should we talk to Taliban? ( I said we should keep the option open given our traditional strategic sphere there. She asked to take a stand. I said Yes we can talk to them to protect our interests. I reiterated that there are multiple factions of Taliban who favour relationship with India, we can engage with them)
    Thank You, Your Interview is over.

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