[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #103 : Smita Nagraj Ma’am Board, Bihar Home State, Public Administration Optional

Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Optional: Public Administration
Home State: Bihar
Background: Btech + Mtech (EE) ,IIT KGP


  1. Why civil servants get more respect and recognition than scientists ?
  2. Followup : there are two sections of ppl -elite and non-elite , whose perception would matter more for you ?
  3. Why civil services ?
  4. Should civil servant use social media ? Followup: One positive and negative regarding this ?
  5. Should civil servant  work anonymously?

Member 1

  1. Should cbse course be copied to other state board?
  2. Followup : Should we also take inspiration from other country?
  3. Case study: you are DM and sitting in ur office with six subordinates , and a mob attacks your office , what will you do ?
  4. Do you use social media ?

Member 2

  1. What is NGT ?
  2. Compostion of NGT?
  3. Do engineers also present in NGT panel?
  4. What is shiwalik range and where does this lie ?

Member 3

  1. Why your name is famous?
  2. Why your district is famous?
  3. What is difference between gulf war and ukrain-russia war?
  4. Despite having so many railway minister from your state, still why railways condition is not excellent in your state?
  5. Famous personality from your college?
  6. What is Panther group?
  7. How different you found Bengaluru compared to ur home city, how you adjusted and managed your life in Bengaluru?

Member 4

  1. What is green economy?
  2. Why we are  going for EV ?
  3. Which country is leader in EV and why they are leading ?
  4. What are steps take by government and challenges in going for EV ? What are solutions for that ?
  5. Name some scientists and civil servant.
  6. Do you think that civil servant plays significant role?

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