[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #104 : M Sathyavathy Ma’am Board, Telangana Home State, Commerce & Accounts Optional, chess, Badminton Hobbies

Board: M Sathyavathy Ma’am
Optional: Commerce & Accounts
Background: Chartered Accountancy
Home State: Telangana
Hobbies: Playing chess, Badminton, Watching movies

On entering, I have wished everyone Good morning. Immediately Chairman asked me to be seated. Can see a sense of hurry in her tone.


  1. Read out loud my DAF, stressing some key details. Other members are jotting points on the DAFs in front of them, maybe the questions or points they want to bring up.
  2. …, You are from Chartered Accountancy background, have cost accountancy as well. You must have known the difference between direct tax revenues and indirect tax revenues of govt. So which one contribute more to the govt revenues?
  3. So, if u r placed in finance ministry and tasked with a job to increase tax revenues, which one will u pick up direct or indirect?
  4. What measures will u take up?

Member 1

  1. …, have seen the newspaper today?
  2. Which newspaper do u follow?
  3. Which article or news in today’s newspaper in your opinion has made an impact? (I initiated with mentioning that Inflation and Supreme Court rejecting bail articles etc all are trivial matters which are very regular in news, so I said article on cryptocurrency has caught my eye, and then continued to tell about the key points of the article which is a critique on CBDC)
  4. What is EBITDA
  5. What is Depreciation, Amortization

Member 2

  1. What includes foreign reserves of a country?
  2. Latest updates with respect to India in forex.
  3. Specifically in the last 2 months.
  4. How to reduce import bill?
  5. If you are placed in finance ministry and tasked with a job to zero out on imports, what will you do?
  6. What constitutes our majority of import bill
  7. Alternatives to fuel imports
  8. Some questions around renewable energy

Member 3

  1. …, you are  from Andhra, so tell me with respect to Andhra Telangana division, there has been perception that Telangana is deprived of development mainly because of poor educational facilities and medium of instruction is in Urdu. What are your views on that?
  2. Lack of water resources, what would have been your suggestions at that time?
  3. Lift irrigation system.
  4. Do u know Rayalaseema, what constitutes it?
  5. What is the importance of Cash flow statement?
  6. By seeing a cash flow statement, how will you

Member 4 

  1. What are your services preferences
  2. Why IAS
  3. Why have picked up Chartered Accountancy?
  4. Why preference to IAS if u r more suitable for IRS
  5. What changes do u want to bring if selected as IAS

Chairman – Nice to meet you …, your interview is over, u may leave.

Mocks experience – mocks stressed on my DAF and hobbies and haven’t touched technical in CA background, here no question on hobbies.

Overall a good one

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