[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #106 : M Sathyavathy Ma’am Board, Delhi Home State, poetry, mandala art Hobbies

Date of Interview: 13 April forenoon
Board: M Sathyavathy Ma’am
Home State: Delhi
Background: DTU (ECE)
Hobbies: mandala art, writing and illustrating poetry

Experience on D-Day

I was the third to go in, and two things happened before the interview. First, because of the discussion at waiting table, i got worried that mam never smiles and is super serious. Secondly, the guy before me came out with an expression as if he died inside.

I entered with mixed emotions, wished all the members with a smile hidden behind two layers.

Madam asked me to sit, put the shield in my lap and take the mask down for verification. At this point I gave her a km long smile, she was forced to smile back at me, then asked me to put the mask back on.


  1. So there was a scandal related to your name, are you aware about it? – what happened – who was responsible – what is happening now?
  2. What do you mean by illustrating poetry?
  3. What are your service preference? (IFS)
  4. What is going around in our neighborhood?
  5. How should india tackle this china problem you mention?
  6. What can we do to promote our relationship, if you are let’s say our foreign secy?

(In the last discussion 2 other members were also giving their inputs)

Member 1

(He had a big mask on and many of his words were inaudible)

  1. Have you ever been employed? – any internship?
  2. So you’re from meerut, some communal violence happened there, why did it happen?? (Had to ask him twice)
  3. Have you read recent world happiness report? – do you know where India stands?
  4. What are the specialised agencies of UN?
  5. There is a phrase in ur daf ‘igniting young minds’, which famous personality comes to your mind? – any other – go more ancient in history.
  6. What was philosophy of swami vivekananda?
  7. So why is Swami Vivekananda a youth icon, why does youth relate to him?

Member 2

  1. Are you from meerut or just born there?
  2. Ok so you’re from Delhi, tell me what are the reasons of Delhi’s pollution within delhi?
  3. The recent change of having a separate bus lane, will it be a solution, or the odd and even, or they are just propoganda?
  4. What else can we do about pollution in Delhi?
  5. So you’re taking IFS, are you fluent in languages, what are the languages of UN?
  6. If you get IFS, which language would you be taking for language training?

Member 3

  1. What have you been doing in the past 4-5 years?? (Ps -I graduated just 3 years back)
  2. Your college name Delhi technological University, so tell me what is technology?
  3. Some put technology in their names ,some engineering, is there any difference?
  4. So you were a bright science student, then an engineer, now you took philosophy in mains. How will philosophy help in public services?
  5. As an engineer tell me how has light bulb changed in many years?
  6. We drink cold drink, water from straw. Explain the physics behind it?
  7. Tell me Indian citizens, let me re-emphasise, citizens who got Nobel prize? – ok let me rephrase, you can also tell people of Indian origin – tell more – tell more- there was one related to peace- think more.

Member 4

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. You did internship at delhi metro, How many phases have been developed? (I said I’m not aware)
  3. Did you really did this internship or not? (I said no sir it was just an on paper one)
  4. Ok so many countries resort to terrorism and other indirect means of warfare. Should india also resort to them?
  5. What is hybrid warfare? – another example- give more example.
  6. So you’re interested in poetry, have you read ‘some Hindi poem’?? (I said no sir I don’t read much) – so what you are saying is please move away from poetry, don’t ask me questions here…(i said no sir I’m sorry I just don’t read as extensively as I’d like, you may ask me about my writing)
  7. Tell me what is embedded technology and it’s application in medical?
  8. Ok last question, you mentioned a term life’s purpose (in vivekananda discussion) so what is your life’s purpose??

Then madam smiled and nodded and interview was over. I wished all of them again and left

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