[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #109 : M. Sathiyavathy Board, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 20/04/2022 Afternoon Session
Board: M. Sathiyavathy
Optional: PSIR
Duration : 2 PM – 2.40 PM

Interests : contemporary foreign policy developments in India and issues of India’s internal security.

I was asked to remove the shield but put the mask and gloves on. All members including Chairwoman were wearing mask.


DAF based questions :

  1. What is unique about you? (All members were smiling at me and I was nervous.)
  2. Good academic credentials, why not research?
  3. Why such poor state of private sector in your state?
  4. People from your state faced mass exodus from Bengaluru. Any personal experience? (Clarified that when it happened I was not residing there. Then I was asked if any experience during my stay)
  5. What steps need to be taken to improve industrialisation in your state?
  6. Possibilities of inland river transportation? Can it be a game changer?
  7. Questions on status of insurgency in nine states of India, one by one and several questions followed.
  8. Your views on India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine war
  9. Indo – Pacific vision of India
  10. India’s collaborations with Japan and Australia. This got extended to AUKUS, NATO, and China.
  11. As an editor what are your top 5 priorities while selecting a piece for publication?
  12. Bharat Ratna awardees from your state?
  13. How to make North -East a homogeneous economic unit?
  14. Why not IFS ? (Chairwoman put this question while I was answering questions on Indo -Pacific asked by another member.)
  15. Few more factual questions related to DAF.

Current affairs :

  1. Issues in civil aviation industry in India.
  2. Two situation based questions (DC in home state and Secretary)

No questions from hobbies and job experience. Chairwoman kept nodding with a smile. I missed two factual questions. Overall it was a good experience.

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