[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #11 : RN Chaubey Board, Delhi Home State, Commerce Optional, Theatre and caricaturing Hobbies

Date of Interview:  06/04/2022
Board: RN Chaubey
Optional:  commerce
Home State:  Delhi
Hobbies: Theatre and caricaturing


  1. Introduce yourself in 1 min – cross questioned by asking what is your native and then spoke to me in Tamizh for 1 min.
  2. Why do you want to do IAS since you have served in good institutions (I have 4 years of work ex)
  3. Speak to us about police reforms or judicial reforms or administrative reforms
  4. What are the directives of supreme court for police (I spoke about police reforms and sc directives)
  5. Are there any reforms taken before this judgement (I said statewise changes have been taken e.g. police in Mumbai is empowered)

Member 1

  1. Is the migration happening from rural areas to urban areas? Is it good for country?
  2. What can we do to improve industry in rural areas? (I had answered that villages have to be developed)
  3. How will you make industry to go to Village where there are so many problems?
  4. Can you give some examples of successful industries in rural areas developed by tax breaks?

Member 2

  1. Do you know about drone tech? Is India using it to full potential?
  2. How can we use it to full potential?
  3. What steps to ensure challenges of drone are mitigated?
  4. What other country uses drone tech very well?
  5. Do we have defence against drone attacks?
  6. Are there any startups in drone sector? What use case?
  7. Which state used drones in covid?

Member 3

  1. Election commission of India vs state election commission differences?
  2. Who conducts Vidhan Parishad election?
  3. Why municipal elections sometimes do not happen 5 yearly?
  4. Is Rajya Sabha important? Why?

Member 4

  1. You do theatre – have you read ulyssses? (Could not answer)
  2. Have you read works of Grant? (Could not answer)
  3. Habib tanveer? (Yes) what do you admire in him? Which state is he from (could not answer)
  4. Indo us relations – comments
  5. asked if indo Russian defence relations can be reduced keeping in mind the closeness with Us
  6. any defence tech tfr from us to India ( did not know)
  7. One question on Khushwant Singh wanted to do civil services because he felt the money was good. What is your opinion?

Chairperson – we enjoyed talking with you. Anything else you want to speak about? I said that we have covered my views on topics I would like to present my personality traits. Talked about strengths.

Chairperson then asked about my weaknesses.

Overall – interview was very cordial and dynamic. I could have done better in some questions.

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