[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #110 : RN. Choubey Board, Sociology Optional, Playing Dhol-tasha, fitness Vlogs Hobbies

Date of interview: 20th April, morning session
Board: RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: Sociology
Profession: (if any)- Lecturer (1 yr)
Hobbies: Playing Dhol-tasha, watching fitness Vlogs

– Your experience in interview- board was cordial, no mask no shield (  intro by sir on the same lines, to stay calm and accept anything you dont know). Nothing specifically from daf.

– Utility of mocks (if any)- benefits in managing nerves, greetings, staying calm…. questions quite different in original interview, but 4-5 can be given.

( interview happened in more of a conversation manner, so not able to recall many cross questions.)


  1. Intro and then no questions, directly asked other member to start. ( sir stood up and started taking a walk around the room)

Member 1

  1. Writ petitions
  2. Difference between HC and SC writs
  3. Dr Ambedkar had called some provision as soul of our constitution, name it.
  4. Articles related to services( which I couldn’t tell exact ones he wanted, said sorry sir cannot recall)
  5. Views on KGF 2 ( random)
  6. What about violence and society?
  7. What are your views on vulgarity and nudity?

(Few more questions, cannot recall)

Member 2

  1. Many cooperatives in maharashtra, your views?
  2. What are their problems?
  3. Drinking Water crises especially in western Maharashtra? ( couldn’t find much,asked her that i am not aware of specific drinking water scarcity issue in that region, so may i provide probable reasons – permitted )
  4. Question on pakistan, what can be the future course?
  5. Some progress has been done recently with pakistan, you know? ( had no idea, said sorry I am not aware of the event)

Member 3

  1. Significance of Ayushman bharat, what new?
  2. Why so many people in AIIMS?
  3. What to do? Shouldn’t it be only for specialist care?
  4. What are your views on parenting style? ( west vs India)
  5. 5. why Indian better ( had a conversation about how our family structure is different, had few more exchange and laughs)

Member 4

  1. Russia ukraine, west has issues with us, elaborate it?
  2. Are we correct?
  3. Finance minister has said something in US, do you know? (Wanted crypto, i said something else)
  4. You are a mechanical engineer, why is manufacturing sector lagging than services, what to do?
  5. You said earlier about regulation of content, but we do have censor?
  6. Do you mean OTT? Should we regulate it all?
  7. What other methods you think are viable?


we are done, you want to say something?

so I asked permission to speak about local cuisine of Ahmednagar and its part in tourism development. Told them that everyone visits temples but are not aware of these places. Requested them if they visit Shirdi someday please visit those food joints(Hurda Party) .it helps to boost farmer’s income and will be a nice experience for them as well.

Chairman : We keep learning about new things from young people like you, thank you, we shall visit.


No idea how it went, but questions were very random. Only convergence was maharashtra related and sociology, that too society part.

( thank you transcripts team, your work has made our life easy as well, reading transcripts does help

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