[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #111 : M. Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Maharashtra Home State, PSIR Optional, Trekking Hobby

Date of Interview: (19th April) 35 minutes 
M. Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Optional: PSIR
Home state: Maharashtra
Hobbies: Trekking, NGO, Sqay Khawankay
Background: B.Tech Electrical


  1. If we utilise Hydropower potential of Arunachal Pradesh alone then also we can meet energy demands of whole India, then why India is not following this strategy  ?
  2. What are the environmental impacts of Hydro projects?
  3. Tell us about the NGO in which you worked.
  4. What was your contribution for the success of NGO ?
  5. What is this Sqay Khawankay in which you participated at state level championship?
  6. Why such indigenous games of India are not so popular ?

Member 1

  1. What would you prefer gentleman – Beer or Wine ?
  2. Your B’day is on 15th August & it is a dry day. Then how will you celebrate your B’day ?
  3. What are advantages & Disadvantages of having B’day on 15th Aug ?
  4. In Mumbai, you need to pay ₹100 for alcohol permit if you want to consume alcohol. If we make you the BMC commissioner, would you abolish this permit ?
  5. BMC’s budget is 40,000 Cr., ₹100 fee will not make any huge revenue diffence, still you want to continue it ?
  6. If you were the BMC commissioner, how differently could you have handled the Mumbai Covid compared to Mr. Iqbal Chahal ?
  7. Tell us 3 Infrastructural bottlenecks of Mumbai and how can we address it.

Member 2

  1. Why cooperative movement got success in Maharashtra in sugarcane sector only? Why not other sectors?
  2. Tell me the well known politician from Latur. Tell few more names.
  3. How is condition of water in Latur now ?
  4. Don’t you think we should ban sugarcane cultivation in Latur district so as to reduce water wastage?
  5. Deccan plateau is relatively stable region, then why Earthquake in Killari ?
  6. Why so many casualties ? If same magnitude earthquake in other countries there are very low casualties.

Member 3

  1. What do you think about of EV? are they safe for environment ?
  2. I will create an scenario, Electricity used for EV comes from coal so pollution, that electricity passes through transmission losses & conversion losses, so overall impact on efficiency and pollution….(long monologue) Now would you like to change your stand of previous answer ? Few Follow up questions.
  3. If we increase the efficiency of IC engine of diesel vehicles so that they emit less pollutants, then would you like to chage your stand ? Few Follow up questions.
  4. You were chairperson of two college festivals, why your college had two festivals, why don’t you merge them.
  5. You were Cultural secretary in college, what were the major challenges & learnings from it ?

Member 4

  1. Does Russia Ukraine crisis provide apt time for India to invest in Semiconductor sector ?
  2. Do you really think that India have capacity to be a semiconductor superpower ?
  3. What steps has GOI taken ? And how far are we from that goal ?
  4. So let’s accept that. But along with semiconductor production some environmental concern also arises. Do you think we can takle those concerns ?
  5. What is happening between China & Japan in East China Sea ?
  6. What is happening between China & other ASEAN countries in South China Sea?
  7. How can these countries curb China’s aggressive behaviour in that region ?
  8. Do you know strait of Malacca ? What is it’s significance ?
  9. India have very unique advantage when it comes to strait of Malacca, can you tell that ?
  10. What is India doing to maintain Free, Open & Inclusive Indo-pacifc ?

Chairperson- Your Interview is over. Thank you.

Not able to recollect few questions, board was very cordial, it was just like a candid discussion

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