[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #12 : TCA Anant Board, Delhi  Home State,

Date of Interview: 6th April, Forenoon,
TCA Anant
Home State: Delhi


  1. can remove mask and face shield if you want and feel comfortable
  2. All the questions related to my college
  3. Who established, when established, what makes it one of the top colleges

Member 1

  1. suppose a person from tamil nadu comes to your place of residence. Which all places would you take him?
  2. there is system of VIP entry in temples. your views on that.
  3. People having black money donating it in temples. Should the temples accept it or not?
  4. What are the instruments required for doing hand embroidery (hobby)?

Member 2

  1. Do you like walking alone or in a group (hobby)?
  2. What is the longest distance you have walked at a stretch?
  3. Why are you leaving maths and coming to civil services(background+optional)?
  4. You could serve the nation by being a scientist too
  5. What are your service preference?
  6. What do see is there for your growth in IFS?
  7. The world order post second world war and where does India stand. What all we have achieved and what are the area to be worked upon?
  8. How will you promote relations between countries?
  9. Difference between and what do you understand by tangible and intangible cultural heritage?

Member 3

  1. AI and Deep learning
  2. Cloud processing
  3. Data centres in India and their significance
  4. Issue of standardisation in India
  5. You have lived all your life in Delhi. How would you manage if posted in say far north or southern India?
  6. You have sudoku as a hobby so tell us why Wordle is becoming so popular?
  7. How should we use simplicity in day to day administration?

Member 4

  1. Have you ever done some sort of public service by volunteering or interning?
  2. Why are slums in Delhi?
  3. Issues with slums?
  4. How would you deal with problems of slum localities if made incharge of that?
  5. Benefits of Delhi metro and its significance for Delhi.

The questions mostly revolved around my DAF. No current affairs questions. Only M3 asked questions related to emerging technologies which he said are related to maths since maths form all the basis of computing.

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