[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #122 : TCA Anant Board, anthropology Optional

Date of Interview: 19/4/22
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: anthropology
Background: Ek IIT hai


  1. Indian stereotypes at US comedy shows
  2. Some more questions on it.

Member 1

  1. Radicalisation of Tribals in Central India and followup on this
  2. Govt initiatives on tribals
  3. Forest issues of tribals

Member 2

  1. Shanghai Port shutout and impact on global crude prices
  2. Ganga Pollution
  3. What is problem and what more to be done
  4. Left Wing Movement and it’s implications
  5. Coal mining and tribal impacts

Member 3

  1. Don’t remember much of his questions
  2. What can India learn from Sri Lanka
  3. Automation vs job creation

Member 4

  1. Deep theory of physics ( had no clue)
  2. How to make a college into IIT
  3. Some question on LEO satellites and impact on astronomy( took 30-50 seconds but couldn’t answer it)
  4. City sustainability of Varanasi
  5. What more can be done to enhance Varanasi.

Your experience in interview-

Cordial board. I was the last candidate, they seemed exhausted. I tried to give wholesome answers in the question. 25-30 mins interview.

They seemed to be genuinely interested in what you are saying. Try to keep them engaged throughout.

Utility of mocks (if any)- gave 8 mocks. 5 without any preparation ( just went on with suit boot and blabbed)

Later 3 were proper mocks- online though.

Ravindran sir- is the most accurate guy in this coaching industry regarding interview. Gave one on One there- he told me to not change my personality any bit.

Khan Sir one on One- again very important for confidence and feel good purpose.

Some good mocks

KSG( did some intentional mistakes to get the feel)

Vajirao( good)

( one of the best- they told me to smile. No matter what happens)

( eye opener for me. They told me to be more humble and less flamboyant)- really helpful mock.

Last but not the least-

One on one with Kaptaan Bhaiya is helpful ( 2-3 days before actual interview). I would recommend everyone to just have a casual chat with him.

Baaki mocks ko dil pe mat lena. Practice ke liye dedo. Ki manners aa jaayein. Isse zyada koi utility nahi hai

Anant sir DAF ke bahar nahi jaate and he is very disinterested person.

Vo sawal bhi nahi puchte zyada.

Members hi puchte hain.

Also speak your heart out as to what you feel rather than having a cooked up answer for everything.

If you try to give up mains type answer, you may end up in negative end.

Keep calm and try to read 2-3 newspapers on the day of interview. Real interview is quite different. It’s more of a dialogue and conversation

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