[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #125 : RN Choubey Board, Geography Optional, Chess, Upcycling Hobbies

Date of Interview: 18/04/22 Forenoon
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Optional: Geography
Background: NITW CSE
Hobbies: Chess, NSS, Volunteering for stray animal rescue and rehabilitation, Repurposing and Upcycling


  1. He recognised me…. Due to my nomenclature and some questions like what went wrong
  2. Briefly introduce yourself in one minute
  3. 2 points that you don’t agree with Mr. Gandhi
  4. Gave a long monologue on Gandhi’s
  5. Self sustainable villages model…. Do you agree with it?
  6. Relevance at present time?
  7. What are your views on bifurcation of states and what are the “objective” criterias to determine if a state should be bifurcated or not apart from language(culture) etc. ?
  8. What’s the negative side of this??
  9. Who decides whether demarcating a state be it on linguistic lines could go against national interest?

Member 1

  1. 5 indian origin ceos
  2. Twitter issue
  3. Elon musk…. What happens if he takes over?
  4. Is it good for India or bad?
  5. Gave a monologue on IT sector and some stats….
  6. How can an agricultural area transform into an IT based area? What govt can do to increase IT services?

Member 2

  1. You talked about interdependence…..he gave a monologue of 4-5 minutes and asked something….and again he told that he would rephrase his question and asked me something unrelated to the above monologue… I’m unable to recall…. It’s something related to green energy
  2. Ukraine Russia crisis…. What are its implications on the seas that border this region from North to South?
  3. What happened recently in the black Sea and role of Turkey?
  4. Tell me a random topic that I should ask you questions from….. Except your DAF….

Member 3

  1. Except the 1st question and chess one, nothing related to my daf…. and most of them, I had a smiling face and repeated “I do not know Sir” in a loop…
  2. What is the motto of your college?
  3. What do you mean by ……. Some sloka…and which organisation has this? Later when I googled it, found it was of IIT KGP….not related to me in any way….
  4. Panch pandavs…. Agnyathavasa… What roles did each of them assume during this time? …. Again some random question
  5. 5 cities in ukraine from east to west?… Don’t even know why this topic popped up suddenly
  6. What are the seas that Russia is trying to dominate?
  7. You play chess… Elo rating system? Why and How it is given?
  8. Who is ELO?
  9. Who is Harnaaz Sandhu?
  10. Difference between miss world and miss universe?
  11. What is common between miss world Manushi Chillar and miss world xxxxx(I don’t even remember) ? ….. All these questions are in no way related to my Daf

Member 4

  1. Issue of stray cattle….. What can we do?
  2. How to fund it?
  3. Do you think people will be interested?
  4. How to increase the level of compassion in people? Not only towards stray animals but towards humans as well…. Something like this…. I couldn’t remember


Thank you… Anything you need to say?

My experience: As usual very cordial board….questions were not difficult but a little bit strange and some questions made me feel like I ran into a quiz competition… Got a feeling that M3 asked random questions wantedly…. Even he was laughing while asking the questions

Utility of Mocks: Katta Meetha…….

Mocks were like DCEU…. Original pt is like MCU

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