[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #126 : TCA Anant Board, Maharashtra Home State, Playing cricket, watching football

Date of Interview: 22nd April
Board: TCA Anant
Background: Chartered Accountant
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobby: Playing cricket and watching football

Chairman: asked me to remove mask and be comfortable

  1. Your hobby is watching football? Do you play football? Why not?
  2. You play cricket? Batsman or bowler? Which position you bat? Spinner or pacer?
  3. Why cricket is more commercialised than football?
  4. Even before IPL cricket was more commercialised? Reasons?

Member 1

  1. War on terrorism?
  2. Uyighur muslims? China’s policy? Why?
  3. Heard of Xinjiang? What imp. does Xingiang hold to China?
  4. Sri lankan protest…Political crisis because of economic crisis or economic crisis bcoz of political crisis?
  5. Why Sri Lanka has presidential system as compared to Indias parliamentary system?
  6. Whther India can adopt Presidential system?
  7. Maldives ‘India Out’ campaign? Why? Current govt’s policy towards India?
  8. China out policy in which country?

Member 2

  1. Since you are from commerce background? Why IPS over IRS?
  2. Accountancy bill? Your opinion?
  3. Money laundering? Stages? Process? What is India doing to counter it?
  4. FATF? How effective? Which countries in Black list and grey list?
  5. INTERPOL? counter agency in India?

Member 3

  1. Monologue on GST….issues in GST? What is rate rationalisation? Why not done yet?
  2. Monologue on Automobile sector? Reason behind India’s success?
  3. Semiconductor industry….what learnings from automobile sector can we implement in semiconductor industry to make it successful? Raw material used in semiconductor? Material used in conductor chip?

Member 4

  1. Monologue on big4 accounting firms and how they follow different accounting standards globally but not in India….what are deficiencies in Indian accounting regulations?
  2. Again long monologue on globalisation and now countries moving towards protectionism? Your opinion?
  3. Monologue on young generation moving towards consumerism, credit cards, computers etc….what do you think?
  4. Where does your heart lie….global or made in India?
  5. Drone Rules 2021…Don’t you think we are restricting the development of drones industry by putting certain regulations on them? Your opinion?
  6. Dollarisation of currencies? Issues?


Thank you. Your interview is over!!

2-3 questions not able to recall

Overall good experience…cordial board…few counter questions….members were nodding and encouraging throughout…Chairman not much expressive.

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