[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #129 : Smita Nagraj Board, Maharashtra Home State, Geography Optional, farming, Sports Hobbies

Date of Interview: 21st April, Morning Session
Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Optional: Geography
Background: BA, Geography, IPS.
Home state: Maharashtra
Hobby: Modern farming and Interaction with farmers. Football

Greeted them , they  asked me to  remove the mask.


  1. Have you joined training or not, which cadre you have been allocated to?
  2. – Why IAS after IPS ?
  3. -You have Maharashtra cadre for IPS , and if by chance you get Nagaland state , obviously you would opt for Maharashtra, right?(told them I am ready to serve anywhere, but they were not satisfied)
  4. – Then why you have kept Nagaland as your last option?
  5. – Leave your case , why candidates are apprehensive about Nagaland cadre .

Member 1

  1. What do  you know KPS Gill and Julio  Ribeiro? (Couldn’t recall about KPS Gill but answered about Ribeiro)
  2. – Ribeiro was of you cadre , so you know lot about him right?
  3. – Once Ribeiro has said “Bullet for Bullet”.Comment on this.
  4. – How to deal with terrorism.

Member 2

  1. What is mean by modern farms?
  2. – Why do you interact with farmers?
  3. – Do you give them any suggestions?
  4. – What are the issues of farmers in your area ?
  5. – Which variety of papaya do you cultivate?
  6. – Why farmers from Maharashtra participated less in number in Delhi farmers agitation?
  7. – Is horticulture a solution to farm distress?
  8. – Why  did you opt Geography as an optional?

Member 3

  1. You were part of anti-ragging committee, what is mean by ragging?
  2. – I think ragging is good, what’s your opinion?
  3. -Why ragging is high in Technical institutions?
  4. What is area of Russia ? Of Africa ?
  5. – Asked one scheme but could not answer .
  6. – Today’s development in Julian Assange case?
  7. – Which state has second highest GDP ?

Member 4 

  1. Are you aware about developments in Nagaland?
  2. – Are Isaiak and Muivah same person or different? Are they alive? What’s the present status?
  3. – What is difference between training of IPS and military training?
  4. – How come you have 1 star during training itself?
  5. – Any reforms in training?

Member 2

  1. In IIM entrance ..Written vs Interview weightage is 60:40 but UPSC has 87:13 ..what is your opinion
  2. – Should the weightage of interview be increased in UPSC ?
  3. – Why so many IPS wants to be an  IAS ? Aren’t They happy in their service?
  4. – Should we merge IAS and IPS ..So many candidates will get IAS post (grilled here)


  1. As a SP of districts what steps you will take to control crime ?
  2. – What is Today’s importance ? (civil services day )
  3. – What qualities civil servants should possess?
  4. -What is difference between Ethics and wrong?
  5. – Who is your role model, what qualities you have acquired from him ?
  6. Your interview is over.

Overall Experience:

  1. Totally DAF based Interview.
  2. Many questions on Police.
  3. Those who are already in the service should work on  how to convince them that you are the right candidate for IAS.

Previous attempt  it was very smooth interview but this attempt expectations were high that’s why so many counter questions.

All the best to fellow candidates!

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