[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #13 : RN. Choubey Board, Sociology Optional, Teaching, Travelling Hobbies

Date of Interview: April 6th,2022
Board: RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: Sociology
Background: Commerce
Work exp: Audit
Hobbies: Teaching, Travelling


  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Role of Chartered Accounts is in news. A new bill is being passed related to that. Can you tell us the provisions of that bill?
  3. Another background based ques- A huge company is being run by a family. Though it is a public limited company but family takes the major decisions. Is that right? Should it continue and some cross questions related to this.
  4. Should we have a law which should ban family members from being part of the decision making?
  5. What do you learn from teaching children?
  6. 1-2 more questions related to this.

Member 1

  1. Unfortunately, Corruption is so rampant in our country. How can technology help in eradicating that?
  2. Can you quote some recent technological innovations that have helped people at large?
  3. And some counter questions.
  4. Cnt recall more questions from this member.

Member 2

  1. Do you know about super computers?
  2. Can you trace its evolution?
  3. Has India contributed in it or it is just relying on other countries?
  4. What are India’s contributions?
  5. (This ques has no relevance to my background. It was a random one)
  6. Have you heard of plastic pollution? What are we doing to control it?
  7. What more can be done?
  8. Some related cross questions.

Member 3

  1. So you are interested in Education sector. Let me ask you questions on that.
  2. Commercialization of Pvt schools. Heavy donations are demanded. Parents are not able to send their children to such schools despite the children being qualified.
  3. What measures can you take to stop such practice?
  4. Cross questions.
  5. What is RTE? Has it helped? How?
  6. There is a stark difference between urban schools and rural schools. How can you solve this.
  7. Can CSR help in this? ( based on my reply)

Member 4

  1. Tell me your service preferences. No counter ques on this.
  2. Now Ill ask you about your hobbies.
  3. Teaching and Travelling. They are quite general ones .
  4. So what do you teach? Who do you teach and how it helps you?
  5. How travelling helps you?
  6. Tell me about India’s space programme.
  7. Name two missions which are about to be launched in the upcoming months/next year.
  8. Yoga- soft power of India. 21st june and everything he talked abt how world has accepted it as an Intl day.
  9. So is becoz of diplomacy or soft power?
  10. Do you practice yoga?
  11. Ill ask about your state now. Why is Haryana doing good in sports?
  12. I answered and he  apparently was satisfied with that.

Chairman Sir

  1. We are done with asking al what we wanted to. We would love to hear you talk about anything, if you want. Or if you want to ask us anything, you can.
  2. I talked about women empowernent.
  3. Then Chairman asked me about Glass ceiling. Why is it a glass ceiling and not an iron ceiling or any other..?
  4. I answered that.
  5. interview was done.
  6. It was an extremely pleasant experience. They even asked me to give marks to the board out of 100 based on my experience with them.
  7. Everyone laughed at the end. I said thank you and moved out.

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