[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #132 : TCA Anant Board, Sociology Optional, Pencil Sketching, Speed Cubing Hobbies

Date of Interview: 22/04/2022
Board: TCA Anant
Bsckground: Electronics and Communication Engineering
Optional: Sociology
Hobbies: Pencil Sketching, Speed Cubing, Strategy Games
Work experience: Software Developer in TCS for 2 years
Currently undergoing training for IRS(IT)

The officials asked me not to wear the shield as I have specs. Chairman told me that I can remove my mask if I’m not comfort and I removed it. That was relieving for me.


  1. He read quickly about my graduation, TCS work experience and current posting in  IRS(IT) and then asked when my training started, which year exam I cleared etc.
  2. What is your opinion on Faceless Assessment (in Income Tax)? And, do you think that Artificial Intelligence can completely replace the human element invloved in the basic level of Income Tax?

Member 1

  1. What is Global Village?
  2. To what extent the world is connected now according to you?
  3. How connected is it in economic terms?
  4. What changes will be brought into the world and how we interact by the concepts like Metaverse?
  5. What are the diverse applications technologies like Artificial, Virtual Reality can have?

Member 2

  1. Explain the difference between Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion? (Picked from the ealier answer to question related to Income Tax)
  2. How serious is Income Tax Department regarding the issue of Money Laundering ?
  3. Can you explain the steps involved in Money Laundering?

Member 3

  1. So, you’ve worked in IT sector. How is India faring in IT sector now? (I gave an answer which indicated that India is doing fairly good)
  2. What is the current trade/export of india in IT (in monetary terms)?
  3. Which are the other sectors in which India is doing as good as IT?
  4. What about Biotechnology sector? There has been talks that India is doing fairly good is in this (I said it’s not very advanced but now a lot of progress happening, BIRAC, DST etc.)
  5. Then why is India called the ‘Pharmacy of the World’?
  6. Which other sectors have potential to progress in India? (I said sunrise sectors like Technical Textiles etc)
  7. But already many countries like Bangladesh etc are overtaking in India in textile sector. So what advantage India has refarding to Technical Textiles?
  8. What are Technical Textiles /Define? Applications etc
  9. Why isn’t Jute now being used for such applications ?
  10. There are many disruptions happening in the current world in technologies, for eg wearables like Apple watches etc. Does governments have any role to play with respect to such disruptions?

Member 4

  1. Explain to me in non-technical terms without any use of jargons, what is Cloud Services (he continued like, “I’m very bad with technology and all so explain without any technical terms)
  2. You’ve worked in TCS which is a company performing well with respect to welfare of the employees and society in general. Still, why many people are leaving the company? Why there is high level of attrition in TCS, Infosys etc.
  3. What do you have to say about the “Decentralized Financing” that has been picking up lately? (I talked a lot about Micro Financial institutions, how it is needed for rural financing blah blah blah and after listening curiously to all of this, he said he meant about decentralization of financing with Blockchain Technology. )
  4. Ok, coming to our Indian History, In ancient India, there is period known as the “Golden age” which was the Age of Mauryas. What uniqueness did that period have to be called so?

Chairman: Your Interview is over, You can go. (Usually Anant sir doesn’t ask or say anything at the end)

Have tried to recollect everything, but may have missed some questions.

Started with my current posting in Income Tax. Many questions came from my work experience in TCS/IT Sector. Felt like many questions were related to Technology (AI, Metaverse, Virtual Reality etc). No other questions came from DAF or any specific current affairs (from what I understand atleast)

None of the members were wearing masks (unlike the last time I attended Interview in which I got the same Board) They were generally cordial.

All the best everyone. Perform well.

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