[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #133 : M Sathyiavathy Board, Kerala Home State, Geography Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 22/04/22
Board: M Sathyiavathy Ma’am
Bsckground: Btech ECE
Work exp: 2.5 years IT firm
Optional: Geography
Home State: Kerala
Hobbies: sports (no Question)


Remove faceshield and put on lap
Pull down mask for verification and asked to wear it throughout
Read out DAF aloud

  1. You had decent job with good pay, why did you resign?
  2. you studied in NIT Calicut, why 2 names Calicut and Kozhikode. Few Questions on history of names
  3. an air accident happened recently in kozhikode.what are reasons?
  4. what is peculiarity of airport? (Used my hands to explain, other members were surprised)
  5. what is use of black box? what is its colour?

Member 1

  1. explain smart wheelchair project you did in college? (Daf)
  2. will it be useful for specially abled in buildings?
  3. what measures to be taken to make buildings accessible?
  4. does Kozhikode have a railway station?
  5. Suppose you want to implement accessibility in railway station (which is under Union govt.), What steps will you take? ( Whenever I said a point, member kept on saying next what, a bit impatient here)
  6. largest district in Kerala?
  7. state capital of Kerala? Which temple there? What controversy behind temple and follow up
  8. Thiruvananthapuram vs Bangalore (worked here) in terms of ease of living.?said Bangalore, mention 3 reasons( Specifically cautioned not to mention climate as factor)
  9. public transport vs private transport. (Follow up on my answer that public transport better in Bangalore)
  10. metro transport falls under which ministry?
  11. (Since I mentioned Bangalore metro)

Member 2: (had to repeat most answers, as member did not hear)

  1. Since you took geography optional, I will ask from there
  2. which river flows through Badrinath shrine?(didn’t know)
  3. giving hint, he talked about recent disaster in Joshimath. What was it?
  4. Which river ? It did not happen in Joshimath, which peak it took place? (Didn’t know)
  5. long monologue on Himalaya being young and fold mountains. Which are old mountains ?
  6. relation of European discovery of India and kozhikode. Where did Vasco da gama land?
  7. 4g vs 5g?
  8. 5g uses ?how it heps in national security ?
  9. what is NSS? (daf) and follow up questions

Member 3

  1. what is your service preference?
  2. based on my answer, and issue of political violence in Kerala. Suppose you are posted as DM, get orders to bulldoze to curb violence your action plan?
  3. if not bulldoze, then what actions?
  4. based on answer, those are soft mechanism, What else?
  5. coming to ECE, how it helps in defence?
  6. Indian PSU based on defence electronics? private company? Globally?

Member 4

  1. pointing to earlier question, recently bulldoze issue happened . Are you aware?
  2. what was reason for it? (Member hinted about delay of communication between judiciary and Mayor)
  3. in times of tech, are such delay acceptable? (Said no), coming from ECE background, what are solutions?
  4. confirmed whether Amadeus software labs( job) is the company related to air ticketing. Then asked randomly, what is unicorn? Asked stats about unicorn and follow up on startups
  5. most startups are located in Bangalore, delhi  (based on my answer). How to ensure startups come up in other areas? Few follow up
  6. difference between cell and mobile phone.


  1. Interview over
  2. Thank you .all the best
  3. May be forgetting few questions
  4. PS: board repeatedly asked to pull up mask.
  5. This impacted flow of answers

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