[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #137 : TCA Anant Sir

Date of Interview: 20/02/2022
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Background: IIT Madras and Chemical engg


  1. Complemented for maintaining CGPA even after joining Engineering
  2. Difference between Chemical engg at IIT Madras and Chemical engg at IIT Bombay
  3. What is your favorite area in chem engg
  4. What is fractional distillation
  5. Which crude is important to India among WTI, Brent Crude
  6. How can you relate Chemical engineering to environment

Member 1

  1. Reasons for Dropout rate increasing from IITs
  2. Reasons for suicides at IITs
  3. Suggestions to reduce dropout rate and suicides at IITs
  4. Why cannot IITs drop relative grading
  5. Why private educational institutions are not as successful as IITs

Member 2

  1. Difference between atmosphere on Earth, Venus, Mars
  2. What is Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion
  3. Which reaction releases more energy
  4. Reasons for Rural to Urban migration
  5. What can be done to stop migration
  6. Do you believe in God
  7. Why do people believe in God and follow up questions

Member 3

  1. Meaning of your name
  2. Do you think AP bifurcation helped Telangana
  3. How is Telangana’s economy at present
  4. Which sectors have shown higher rate of improvement
  5. Which sectors still need some improvement
  6. In what way the Bifurcation helped Telangana
  7. What is PwBD 2016 Act
  8. Are there any disadvantages of it

Member 4

  1. What is QUAD and related questions
  2. What is AUKUS and related questions
  3. Difference between them
  4. What does this tell about the US
  5. How should India view AUKUS formation
  6. What should be India’s strategy in this regard


Thank you. Your interview is done

Overall the board made me feel comfortable with them. It was more of a conversation. Mocks were helpful to an extent by exposing different dimensions of questions. Expect some bouncers before facing the board which will help in tackling a new dimension well

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