[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #139 : RN Choubey Board, Sociology Optional

Date of Interview: 22/04/2022
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Background: civil engineering
Optional: Sociology


  1. Started with usual Chaubey sir greeting, asked If I had any symptoms of covid and to remove mask and gloves if comfortable
  2. He asked the member on his left to start the proceedings

Member 1

  1. What is spectrum auction and what issues do tsp have
  2. Sociological view on youth and their sleeping cycles
  3. Changes in institute of Indian marriage in last two centuries

Member 2

  1. Are india china relations thawing ?
  2. What is AYUSH and why WHO chief was in India
  3. What do u mean by data is the new oil

Member 3

  1. Will china take control of POK via CPEC?
  2. What does secularism mean to you?
  3. If I am conducting an iftar party by withdrawing money out of consolidated fund of India what will be your view on that ?

Member 4

  1. Why Punjab and (Ludhiana) facing agriculture stagnation and what should be done to revive industry.
  2. Why Indian football is not growing as expected
  3. Who is your favourite cricketer and favourite football player.


Now we have asked the questions, if you wish to ask us anything.

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