[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #14 : RN. Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: April 7th,2022
Board: RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Background: B.tech in computer science
Hobbies: cricket, observing behavioural pattterns


  1. be confortable , you can remove your mask , and all those talks
  2. introduce yourself
  3. should we abolish rajya sabha and legislative councils
  4. Some cpunter questions
  5. difference between IPC , CrPC , evidence act
  6. 420 under what, section 144 under what

Member 1 

  1. what is offset clause
  2. examples on success or failure of offset clause
  3. what is make in india? examples on success
  4. ease of doing business parameters

Member 2

  1. dont remember his questions

Member 3 

  1. what is ypur preference
  2. answer in one line qualities needed to excel in these services
  3. what is happening in pakistan
  4. can there ve strategic implications of water as resource
  5. is Indus water treaty not in favour of india

Member 4

  1. Situation in srilanka  and follow up questions why , how , what can india do , what can be done further
  2. How you see india doing in asia

Chairman sir – thank you, we are done, you want to talk on anything.

  • Talked about my hobby  and told them I feel grateful for the opportunity and it was done

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