[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #145 : TCA Anant Board, commerce and accountancy Optional

Date of Interview: 22 april afternoon 3rd to go
Background: B.com CA
Optional: commerce and accountancy
Hobby: Badminton


  1. What were u doing after finishing CA
  2. Not practising?
  3. You mentioned badminton as your hobby. Anything else apart from it ??
  4. Interested in reading ??
  5. What is your judgement on srilankan crisis.
  6. How much income tax contribute in srilankan revenue?

Member 1

  1. Have u visited Sawanriya ji ?
  2. How far from your village ??
  3. Who manages the affairs of the temple ?
  4. Any social activities performed by the temple ?
  5. Is it the responsibility of temple to do any such activities?
  6. Any scheduled area in your district?
  7. Reservations in such TSP area ?? ( didnt know the answer)

Member 2

  1. Taking cue from my answer from temple questions one quote on river’s fear. Asked to explain it. ( probably could not satisfy him)
  2. What is your service preference ?
  3. Why not IRS before IAS?
  4. Follow up question on this.
  5. What is balance of trade and balance of payment ?
  6. Its impact on economy ?

Member 3

  1. Are you on social media ?
  2. What is difference among facebook insta twitter linkedin ?
  3. Social media bad because of excessive use or good for governance?
  4. Ranking of India in start-ups ?
  5. Why India does not have many startups in deep technology?
  6. What is deep tech? (Couldn’t answer)
  7. What are the technologies you know about ?
  8. What can be done to facilitate startups in deep technology?

Member 4

  1. What is invisible costing ?
  2. ( he himself gave the example of costing of drugs and asked to explain it ? )
  3. What are the challenges to the profession of CA due to coming of tech based services ?
  4. ( don’t remember other questions from him ?

Chairmen sir said your interview is over. You may go now ?

Overall duration 25 to 30 minutes.

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