[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #152 : M Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Rajasthan Home State, PSIR Optional

Board: M Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: PSIR


Read DAF aloud, Asked if any work ex, part time or otherwise?

  1. Difference b/w Hindi and Hindustani. Example with a sentence and translation of the same. .
  2. What you did in slum areas (DAF)
  3. What issues slum children face?
  4. How did you try to address them?
  5. How many hours you taught in slums?

Member 1

  1. Recently, proposal for mandatory explanation of veto in UNSC. India objected. Reason for the same.
  2. Cryptocurrency? Non Fungible tokens?

Member 2

  1. China has no treaty with India with respect to water sharing. What impact can it have on India?
  2. Any recent incident when China tried to use domination in this regard?

Member 3

  1. Relation b/w Jatropha and Raj?
  2. Kathak – how long have you been learning?
  3. Any ruler associated with Kathak?
  4. His contribution
  5. Teaching in slums – what changes needed among teachers?

Member 4

  1. Difference between political system in USA and India – relative advantages and disadvantages
  2. Simultaneous elections – benefits, disadvantages?
  3. Should India adopt simultaneous elections? Your take?

Chairman: Ok Thank you.

Board was very formal, Two members smiled, rest just observed. But experience was great, and enjoyable.
Mocks’ utility: confidence and communication skills. That’s it.

All the best!

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