[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #154 : TCA Anant Board, Hindi literature Optional, Uttar Pradesh Home State, IRS

Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Hindi literature
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Service: IRS(it)


  1. why Hindi lit after electronic engg
  2. About my collage name
  3. Some famous modern hindi lit writers
  4. About chitra muddagal (followed question)

Member 1

  1. he already pereaerd his dairy and asking questions from that
  2. Have u read book my experiment with treuth
  3. Name of disease cause blood in teeth
  4. Some island of arab sea and bay of bangal
  5. Software cycle
  6. Role as class representative

Member 2

  1. one major problem of up other than population
  2. Reason for regional disparity in up apart from geographical reason
  3. What labels on food items packet
  4. Full form of fassai
  5. Some woman related issues
  6. Name of bilateral excises
  7. What is khelo mahakumbh

Member 3

  1. use of electronics in administration
  2. Some recent award in hindi lit
  3. Has any foreigner got award in hindi lit
  4. Why old songs(my hobby)
  5. Why bollywood songs
  6. Old vs new songs
  7. Administration vs management

Member 4

  1. what is brain of electronics
  2. Reasons for semiconductor scarcity
  3. One product related to electronics also impacted by Ukraine Russia war(I said sorry)
  4. Use of neon in electronics
  5. Arab spring
  6. 2,3 lines of ur any poetry (my hobby)

Chairman ok thank you u may go now
Some more questions related with previous questions

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