[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #155 : M Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, SOCIOLOGY Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 25 april, afternoon
Board: M Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Background: Biotechnology  MNNIT, PRAYAGRAJ
Hobby: playing cricket
Medium of interview: HINDI

Utility of mocks-

  1. good to build confidence and have a formal conversation
  2. Real was totally different, more cordial and no बकवास questions

Total interview time-  Around 32 minutes

Major themes of discussion-

  1. Tribes and way of interaction
  2. covid -19 and its socio economic, and environmental effects,
  3. cricket popularity and impact on other sports,
  4. digital currency, bitcoin etc.
  5. vaccines,
  6. child marriages and raising age of marriage,
  8. Ukraine- russia war


We will ask questions in English and you can answer in hindi, if you want translator, we can arrange

Remove your  face shield and mask, after seeing my beautiful, she told please wear 😷.

Member 1

  1. Have u attended mocks in coachings ?
  2. What were coaching’s focus areas where they emphasised
  3. Have you ever visited south india or any place other than Uttar pradesh.
  4. Have u visited a tribal place( as my optional is sociology)
  5. Do you about an American Christian person was killed by a tribe in Andaman and Nicobar ( 2019 incident -The life and death of John Chau, the man who tried to convert his killers)
  6. Name of that tribe
  7. It was right to go there or not ?
  8. Suppose you are DM of that area, and there is large scale spread of disease and their population is decreasing day by day, what you will do?
  9. How will you communicate and build consensus, if they are not interacting.
  10. How will you identify community leader, if they are not interacting? ( Tried to provoke)
  11. Recently, girls’ age of marriage has been improved, tell me its sociological impact.
  12. How would it improve health and education?
  13. Child marriages in your state, district and village

Member 2

  1. TOR term in defence, did you hear about it?
  2. Difference in digital currency and Bitcoin
  3. Difference in Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  4. Who releases them
  5. Who is controlling authority ?
  6. Few questions on covid and its impact( not able to recall)

Member 3 

  1. Continued with covid and sociol impact.
  2. Difference in covaxin and covishield vaccines.
  3. Why do covaxin claim to be more effective even for the upcoming variants of COVID -19.
  4. Why cricket is so popular in India ?
  5. Why cricket is popular in rural India ?
  6. Do you think, it is suppressing other games in india

Member 4

  1. Covid-19 imapct on violence
  2. Covid -19 imact of environment
  3. What we learn from covid ?
  4. Do you think a small lockdown every year is necessary for Better environmental conditions ?
  5. I said yes, he asked but it would leads to disruption of industrial activities and it is not possible . How we can do it and why ?
  6. Suppose you are health secratary, what steps you would take to prevent such pandemic in future ?

Member 5

  1. Continued with covid and its impact
  2. Idea of work from home
  4. Do you think , we should continue with WFH.
  5. What is impact of Ukraine – russia war on India
  6. What India can learns ukraine – russia crisis
  7. As per you, what are top priorities area where India should be self reliant( last question)

Note- few counter questions i might have missed

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