[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #156 : M Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Rajasthan Home State, Anthropology Optional, Jogging, badminton Hobbies

Date of interview: 27 april
Board: M Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Optional: Anthropology
Background: MBBS
Home State: Rajasthan
Profession (if any)- Medical officer
Hobbies: Jogging, badminton
Interview medium: Hindi


  1. Why gap of 2 years after graduation
  2. Why civil services despite being in Noble profession
  3. What kind of preventive care you give on PHC
  4. why doctors are not willing to go to rural areas
  5. What can be done?
  6. Should Bond be compulsory after Graduation from Govt medical College
  7. Doctors usually don’t live in village even during posting to PHC, Do you live in that village?

Member 1

  1. Difference between tageted medicine and chemotherapy
  2. How to calculate heart rate in joggers
  3. Give me 3 reason to not to administer precaution dose of covid vaccine
  4. How to make QUAD more effective
  5. How to solve problem of water scarcity in district of western rajasthan

Member 2

  1. Do you play badminton
  2. Who is emerging player now
  3. What is his recent achievement
  4. Which medal he won in England open
  5. Who won medal in Tokyo Olympics in badminton
  6. Tell me about player who won medals in para Olympics
  7. Which other games you play
  8. Tell me about Indian vollyball status

Member 3

  1. Whats famous in your district
  2. Any recent incident of violance against doctors in rajasthan
  3. Should we make law?
  4. So how to wear this surgical mask properly?
  5. What is the reason to have this side towards nose?
  6. How will you use your knowledge of mbbs in civil services
  7. Anthropology in adminstration

Member 4

  1. Renewable energy possibilities in rajasthan and what role could be played by biofuel and tell me some source of biofuel in rajasthan
  2. How to improve swacch bharat mission
  3. Accountability of vetoing country in unga,
  4. What should be India’s stand
  5. Should we conduct licencing exam like USA for doctors in india (to check skills)?
  6. If you become civil servant , which areas will you focus most

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