[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #158 : Smita Nagraj Board

Date of Interview: 12 May 2022.. forenoon..
Board: Smita Nagraj

Personality test time.. 12-12.30 approx.. 5th candidate out of total 6 to be interviewed by the board in the forenoon session…


  1. Name.. double LL in your name.. was it added by you..?
  2. How to curb corruption in customs….
    Your stand on sedition law.. should it be scrapped..

Member 1

  1. You have worked in the postal department..
    How to improve functioning of the postal department.. couriers are thriving at its cost.. measures needed..
  2. 2 ways to highlight minimum government maximum governance..

Member 2

  1. Jhumri tilaiya.. why is it famous.. what is the main occupation of the people there..
  2. How currents influence the climate of a region.. example of any such current and the countries it influences..
  3. UN role in Ukraine crisis..has it failed??

Member 3

  1. Why has sedition law been paused.. should SC not declare it unconstitutional..is there any such provision in the constitution??
    Translation.. issues.. how would you translate a text/document..
  2. How cultural differences affects translation…

Member 4

  1. Locusts issue.. causes of rising incidents..
    India’s declining ranking in the press freedom index..causes…
  2. China and Russia coming closer.. implications for India and the world..
    Commonwealth countries.. benefits of the organisation..
    Why no FTA for commonwealth till date..
  3. Then the chairperson said THANK YOU… I too thanked And left..🙂🙂🙂

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