[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #159 : RN Choubey Board, Jharkhand Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 27th April, afternoon session 2nd to go on 
RN Choubey
Optional: PSIR
Medium: Hindi
Background: JNU
Home State: Jharkhand
Experience- chaubey sir started and ended the interview with smile on his face . Board was very cordial. Board asked all questions in english because i wrote mains in english but they said that i can ask them to frame the questions in hindi if i dont understand them.

Sir asked me to remove masks . I put on my lap. He asked me to put it on table.


  1. Is there any prospect of green revolution 2.0 in india
  2. There were cross questions.
  3. He started walking in the room but was listening carefully. He intervened thrice.

Member 1

  1. Why outmigration from jharkhand despite having so much resources?
  2. Why naxalism in jharkhand?
  3. Bihar banned alcohol. What jharkhand should as it has similar problems?
  4. How much money jharkhand get from centre ( both gst and FC)?

Member 2

  1. How will you use IoT in health sector?
  2. Some more question from him i cant remember now

Member 3

  1. you come to delhi from jharkhand because there are weaknesses in unversities there. Tell me three weakness?
  2. Question on kashmiri pandits.
  3. Terrorist orgs in kashmir.
  4. Number of killings in kashmir since abrogation of article 370
  5. Is there decline in terrorist attack in j&k?
  6. Highest org to deal with cyber attack in india
  7. Taliban came in power. Is there any effect on kashmir?

Member 4

  1. Is judiciary independent?
  2. Constitutional provision to make judiciary independent?
  3. What is collegium system
  4. Is judiciary really independent?
  5. What is ppp? Sectors where being applied?
  6. What is gift city?

Choubey sir ended with his calssic style -you did excellent. Do you want us to ask anything else?

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