[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #160 : RN Choubey Board, Sociology Optional, Madhya Pradesh Home State, Cricket Hobby

Date of interview: 26 April forenoon
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Optional: Sociology
Background: Law
Hobbies: Cricket
Home State: Madhya Pradesh

Your experience in interview:  As usual Chaubey sir very cordial and always smiling
Utility of mocks (if any)– I recommend Samkalp and vajirao, SOMP sessions and specially one to one guidance by Punit Yadav sir had direct questions.
Medium of Interview- Hindi


  1. You can remove mask if not having COVID symptoms and you can refuse any question you don’t know.
  2. Introduce yourself in one minute about your academics and work experience.
  3. What are Priciples of natural justice and from where it has its origin.

Member 1

  1. Tell us something about Devi Ahilya Bai Holker (daf)
  2. What is the process to nominate any tribe into Schedule Tribe ?
  3. PESA act – what and why ?
  4. Why kabirpanth is famous in malwa region ?

Member 2

  1. Why NITI Aayog formed ?
  2. Isn’t our ministries have expertise?
  3. What provisions we have for rural banking ?
  4. What is NABARD ? What it does ?
  5. What about Post office ?
  6. Choose any one institutions from bank, NABARD and post office which is best suited for rural banking.
  7. Should we dismantle other institutions then ?
  8. Any best international practice for pollution control and solid waste management?

Member 3

  1. What is swing bowling?
  2. What is difference between act and statute ?
  3. Malnutrition and follow up led to mid day meal and it’s issues etc.
  4. UCC and views on it.

Member 4

  1. 3 provisions you want to include in UCC ?
  2. On what provision do we need consensus ?

Some questions I cannot recall

Chairman – we have asked what we wanted to ask. Anything that you want us to ask you ?
I said Indore is cleanest city so want to talk on this.
Duration: 28-30 min

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