[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #161 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Bihar Home State, Mathematics Optional,

Date of Interview: 27 April, forenoon session
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: Mathematics
Background: Civil engineer iit delhi, MA economics
Hobbies: Budhia kabaddi, kabaddi, Watching short films
Home State: Bihar
Second interview


  1. Explain the triangle -why economics after civil engineering then choose mathematics as optional
  2. earthquake resistance measures in UPSC building
  3. what will you do for earthquake resistence in UPSC building
  4. difference between magnitude and intensity of earthquake
  5. in news 7.3 earthquake what is 7.3 is it magnitude or intensity
  6. how much is global GDP
  7. in india we talked about v shaped recovery then K shaped recovery whats does it mean
  8. NGO’s role in india, funding of ngo’s
  9. Role of foreign fundings of NGO’s and need to regulation
  10. Acts which regulate the ngo foreign funding

Member 1

  1. blast proof building and earthquake proof building major difference
  2. what happened in world trade centre
  3. what has been done to prevent this type of disaster
  4. 2 neighbouring countries whose relations with india was in news
  5. india srikanka relations

Member 2

  1. What is Budhia kabaddi?? How it is different from normal kabaddi

Member 3

  1. Have you heard of short documentry movie from india nominated to oscar?what is tha name ?it is based on what?
  2. Who won the noble for contribution to behavioral economics recently
  3. What was his theory name ? What does it mean?
  4. What is indian government doing to promote it?
  5. Which country has official commission to promote nudge theory?
  6. Recent indian origin economist who won noble
  7. Is he alone won or some other person were also given noble proze with him
  8. What was his theory name ?what does it mean?
  9. Where he did his experiments?

Member 4

  1. name two economist from india along with contributions
  2. a. Critically analyse the theory of amartya sen -Capability approach
  3. how will you build your team only knowing project and time for completion?
  4. what do you mean by leader?
  5. are todays politicians can be called leader?
  6. why didnt you join politics?

Chairperson again

  1. what do you mean by hate speech?
  2. Is this room perfect rectangle
  3. Minimum measurements required to proof this room as rectangle

Some of questions i am unable to recall

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