[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #162 : TCA Anant Board, Rajasthan Home State, Hindi Literature Optional

Date of Interview: 29/04/2022 afternoon session. Last to go
Board: TCA Anant sir
Optional: Hindi Literature
Home State: Rajasthan
Background: Rajasthan University
Profession: IDAS
Hobbies: poetry & cricket

Your experience in interview- Cordial & Calm
Utility of mocks (if any)- No Comparison
No mask or Face shield


  1. What are you doing now. What part of training you have completed so far.
  2. What was your research topic?
  3. What is urban morphology?
  4. What you recommended about your study area.

Member 1

  1. You are from the bordering district of punjab , haryana , and from corner of Rajasthan.
  2. You are neither of them ( on lighter note).
  3. Why there is so much issue in Hindi translation. Any suggestions?
  4. Why we have FCI can’t we procure through APMC and store that ?

Member 2

  1. Tell about mountain ranges of JK
  2. What are the Eastern and Western river in context of India and Pakistan .
  3. Kaveri Dispute is related of which states. Why this dispute.
  4. Who gets major share of kaveri water. (Sorry)
  5. Dam Karnataka made on Kaveri. (Sorry)

Member 3

  1. Have your heard about MedCity.. where is that sorry
  2. Why Indian people prefer Imported goods.
  3. Any suggestions to promote local products?
  4. How will you deal with sexual harassment case at your workplace.
  5. Course of action if the victim doesn’t want to complain.

Member 4

His volume extremely low
He said something which I figured out after coming out of UPSC.

  1. What is URSA major URSA minor. He spelled it to. Sorry
  2. Who is murugandam. Which morth indian good is similar to him. Sorry,,,asked to guess. I said may be vishnu .
  3. What is hight tide. Spring tide. (Sorry) was not sure about spring tide .
  4. Difference between western and eastern ghat.
  5. What is OTT.how it benefited.
  6. How it is beneficial for advertisers .

Chairman Your interview is over you can go.

Experience:- Achche log hai wo. Will ask you the questions from the domain you choose? Got good vibes.

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