[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #163 : RN Choubey Board, Hindi literature Optional, Playing Piano, Nature traveling Hobbies

Date of Interview: 2nd to go on 28th april, Forenoon session
RN Choubey
Optional: Hindi literature
Hobbies: Playing Piano, Nature traveling
Medium: Hindi
Working Experience: Home Ministry
Interview experience: Board was cordial but questions were random.
Mock utility:  remember Meme( Expectations v/s Reality)

chaubey sir started and ended the interview.
Sir asked me to remove masks.


  1. What is your job profile
  2. Give me some examples related to Minimum government maximum governance.
  3. Which chemicals in Sanitizer ( bcs samne sanitizer rakha tha.) – I answered – Alcohol based … Wo meko bole aur batao aur chemicals – I was like
  4. Abhi maine kya factory khol rakhi hai kya sanitizer ki)
  5. There were many cross questions.
  6. How many layers in your mask.

Member 1

(Wo khi chal diye, 1-2 min wapas aae)

  1. Have u heard about Malnutrition – ( I was – ab ise kaun nahi janta)
  2. Why we need balanced diet– we can use suppliments, tablets, steroids ( tumko kisne roka hai use Karo aur abhi labour aur farmer log kidhar se layega ye sb….)
  3. Mid – day mil scheme & what are provisions in UP, Bihar, Maharashtra
  4. Food fortification?
  5. How much edible oil do we export?

Member 2

  1. What’s the difference between piano & harmonium ( my hobby was playing piano)
  2. Which harmones released when u playing piano ( I was thinking – Ye kuch jyada andar ki baat nh ho rahi??)
  3. Which physical changes you feel after piano( मदहोशी )
  4. Cooperative federalism?
  5. Delhi legislation handicapped?
  6. Constitutional provisions for Delhi ? ( I was only able to recall 69th amendment)
  7. Recent Supreme court verdict regarding Delhi legislative.
  8. We should handover all power to central government ( तो केजरी जॉब छोड़ दे फिर)

Member 3

  1. Vally of Flower kidhar hai ??
  2. Suddenly shifted to Forest fire ( Flower, fire – I was thinking about Pushpa😅)
  3. Recent case of forest fire and reasons?
  4. Why CAG?
  5. Why FC
  6. Why SFC
  7. Digital devide
  8. Steps for digital inclusion

Member 4

  1. Again Piano par sawal( ab ye hobby kabhi nahi fill karunga)
  2. Tell me about सुर?
  3. How many सुर?
  4. Difference between Bollywood & classical music सुर?
  5. Okay Tell me high pitch Bollywood songs( Simple hai bedu Apna A R Rahmaan bhai h na – Maa tujhe salam…..etc)
  6. Your UP govt changing Name for example Prayagraj ( हां तो करने दो ना अपने को क्या?)
  7. Changing Name is solution?
  8. Historical importance of Bithoor.
  9. Kerala Saint – Social reforms, recently modi ji speech .


Mera ho gya – tere ko kuch bolna hai hamse.

I shared my view points about physical fitness (Fit India movement) and Influence of Westernization on Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Bola tum sanghars Karo ham tumhare sath hai…..

Aur Alvida….

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