[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #167 : Smita Nagaraj Board, Rajasthan Home State, History Optional, Cooking Hobby

Date of Interview: 28th April Afternoon
Board: Smita Nagaraj Ma’am
Background: Btech Computer Engineering, Technical University
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: History
Profession: Teaching
Hobby: Cooking


  1. You worked in Rajasthan Electricity Department for 2 years then why did you leave the job.
  2. Tell about Rajasthan Electricity Departments
  3. Tell 5 better schemes of Delhi Education Department
  4. What training is being given to the teachers by the department?
  5. Will education become better only with smart classrooms?
  6. Two scheme of Delhi state that you would like to implement in your district
  7. what was your job in covid duty?

Member 1

  1. Why is the IT sector on the rise?
  2. What is big data?
  3. How will you do it with Big Data if you become the DM of a district?
  4. Do KPO and BPO services come under IT enabled services?

Member 2

  1. why discoms are in loss?
  2. Five ways to stop electricity theft
  3. is Rajasthan a power surplus or Power deficit state?
  4. Suggest measures to improve the condition of government schools of villages?
  5. Don’t you think SMC has a big role in this?

Member 3

  1. What changes have been seen in the children if schools are opened again after covid?
  2. What measures are being taken by the teachers in your school to remove the bad behaviour or irritability of the children after covid?
  3. How far has the learning power of children gone after Pandemic ?
  4. what is the situation in rajasthan?

Member 4

  1. What do you like best about Delhi?
  2. have you seen the war memorial?
  3. do you like the traffic in Delhi?
  4. Measures to improve healthcare system?
  5. Do you give priority to infrastructure in health care or to doctors?
  6. What will be the benefit of giving PPP mode to discoms?

Overall good experience ,Board was very cordial . Almost 95% 0f interview from my DAF. It was more of conversation. Preparation of DAF helped me a lot and interview transcript is a very good source to open your mind in various dimensions.

Not a single question asked on current affairs, Optional and Hobby.

Utility of mock: Helpful like in gaining confidence, improving body language but question asked were different.

I would like to a special thank Sachin Jain Sir (Ensure IAS Delhi) for boosting my confidence.

All The Best to all the candidates.

(This transcript has been posted by a community member of ForumIAS)
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