[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #168 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Rajasthan Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 27 April
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Rajasthan
Background: petroleum engineering
Hobby: Sports
Duration: 30 minutes
Medium: Hindi


  1. Tell me 3 place from kota and nearby which you will suggest your friends to visit their
  2. Various qns related to atomic energy
  3. What is Heavy water
  4. Why we use D2O
  5. Which type of reaction take place in nuclear plant
  6. Whether we import urenium or we have its reserve
  7. Why are people talking about thorium
  8. What is 3stage programme
  9. Border related qns
  10. Your district’s  border is known as international border or LoC or LAC
  11. Why is it known as international border
  12. Then what is LoC /LAC
  13. What is smart fencing
  14. Component of Smart fencing
  15. Crude oil price related qns
  16. What is current price of crude
  17. Litres in  One barrel
  18. Then why it’s price are high in India.
  19. Why there is no uniform price across the state.
  20. Why is it not under GST

Member 1

  1. Qns related to China-Taiwan
  2. What is opium war
  3. What is mainland China and Taiwan issue
  4. Who is leader of Taiwan at that time
  5. Suppose China attack Taiwan,what will be the response of world community
  6. SOCIAL issues of your District
  7. And suppose you are DM how will you address these
  8. What is khap panchayat ,
  9. whether it is legal or not,
  10. in which community it is prevalent
  11. What step you will take to address issues related to khap panchayat
  12. Social impact of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan(ask not to include health and hygiene)

Member 2

Asked me whether I read news paper or not

  1. Tell me three news from todays newspaper..Each form national, international and sports
  2. Guess What jaishankar told european leader on ukrain issues and some follow up
  3. Srilanka crisis:-
  4. origin,reason,its impact on srilanka,India,whether india should help or not, what is difference b/w Indian and Chinese approach in Srilanka

Member 3

All qns are related to Student politics

  1. Which university is mostly in news for student politics.
  2. What all happened 4-5 years back in jnu
  3. Whether student politic is right or not
  4. Parents send their children to study but they waste their time in politics
  5. Then what should be limit
  6. How you do politic in your college (means your college’s model of student politics)
  7. Then tell me student organisations which are affiliated to political parties
  8. Monologue abt JP moment and role of students in changing India’s political trajectory
  9. tell me name of some political leader emerge from this movement.

Member 4

  1. Difference b/w Biodiesel and bioethanol
  2. What is their sources
  3. 3.what is  meaning of renewable
  4. Explain me sustainability in layman terms
  5. What is ethanol blending,tell me it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Chairperson sir said Dhanyawad, ab aap ja skte ho
My experience in interview… found it purposeful conversation
Utility of mocks..Some qns may repeat but help in framing answer in better way.
All the best to remaining candidates.

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