[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #169 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Maharashtra Home State, PSIR Optional,

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas sir
Home State:
Optional: PSIR
Hobby: Anapansati meditation
Proffession: Bamboo cultivation
Duration: 35 min.

Entered the room…
Second shift( 2nd last to go)

Chairperson setting on round table, respective 4 members were setting at 4 corners with safe distance. (2 male +2 lady members)

Entered the room

Chairman: (Greeted me good afternoon asked me to be comfortable and lower the mask. )

  1. (reading my daf… )
  2. And asked after 2018 post job what we’re you doing?
  3. (he told me that during lunch he was going through an article)
  4. tell me about manufacturing and service sector growth and why manufacturing growth is important?
  5. Do you know something about Inner line permit?
  6. what is financial inclusion
  7. Few follow up(I stared with jandhan, upi, he asked me to say more innovative ways, then I talked about SHG, cooperative, dbt etc,. Seemed satisfied)
  8. difference between financial literacy and financial inclusion.
  9. asked my experience in startups.
  10. your view on instant justice
  11. Then he started on bamboo cultivation but stopped himself and said this area is interesting and Member 4 is very interested in this so I’ll leave this up to him.

Member 1

  1. asked about my startups
  2. what qualities should an entrepreneur must possess
  3. what do you think (since you have worked on ground) to cater the startups which are failing? (I talked about need for district level incubation hub)
  4. Russian recent ICBM test and it’s significance
  5. range of ICBM( I asked if I can take a guess, some how I was near)

Member 2

  1. difference between DPSP vs FR
  2. significance of Writ
  3. how to improve tourism in india. (On my answer he reaffirm my cluster based approach in the sector)
  4. asked about surenam (told the location but follow up I asid sorry)

Member 3

(I guess she was from pune)

  1. Do you know “Rahul theatre in pune?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. Why it is unique? (She told me that when she used to go there it was only showing English movies, and asked me is it so? As I have watched 2-3 hindi movies also so u said that, she smiled and said it must be a thing of past)
  4. why pune is important for defence? (Hq of southern coomend, lohegao airbase, AFMC, NDA, IMA)
  5. why pune is industrial hub
  6. punes education reform movement? ( I talked about bhide wada, she asked me where is it located, I answered Budhwar peth, she smiled)
  7. do you thing pune is still education hub?
  8. Punes agriculture university founding year(said sorry) some follow up q on this.

Member 4

  1. do you know mohammad ali(no where related to my daf)
  2. tell me 3 fighter who got famous after having fight with him? (I said sorry sir, he smiled and told me 3 names, and looked to member 2 and they were enjoying their nostalgia about 20-30 sec.)
  3. tell me about pravasi bharti divas and it’s significance.

Few follow ups

  1. Indias and Africa how is indian foreign policy towards Africa)
  2. talked about how Bamboo can be multipled. (I told about 3 method of saplings)
  3. what is Rizome? (Seeds wanted more technical but gave him practical example and he asked follow up q)
  4. what is the shape of it? (I corelated with marathi musical instrument tutar)
  5. how bamboo was the reason for disaster in northeast ( I was aware of 2004 flowering crisis)
  6. asked about bamboo flowering.

Overall experience was good.

Felt like I was having a good conversation with really Accomodative and knowledgeable people.

How much mocks help?

They do help to understand basic Aticate of interview.

One can utilize mocks by controlling the nerve for the time between standing outside the door of interview and entering the room.

I wish everyone good luck and just enjoy your time for interview and thoes 30-35 mins.

Thank you.

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