[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #171 : RN CHOUBEY Board, Uttarakhand Home State, Badminton Hobbies

Date of Interview: 27/04/2022 & noon
Home State: Uttarakhand
Background: B.sc, M.A in economics (Questions asked from economics )
Hobbies: playing table tennis -playing badminton {no question from here )
Experience: Good
Utility of mocks – exploring DaF dimension.
mains in English, Interview in Hindi
2nd interview


COVID ke symptoms nhi h to ap mask utaar skte . ( mask Uttar Diya tha )
We are friendly . You have to be relax here .

  1. Tell us about yourself in 1 minute about your education , work experience etc.
  2. He asked about school where I was a table tennis coach during my college days (I mentioned in daf & intro )
  3. What were the two challenges you faced in giving table tennis coaching to children as a coach . (I replied Ki table tennis Ki technicality ko explain krna , craze km h table tennis ka school children me , practice k like parents se negotiate krna )
  4. Fiscal deficit revenue deficit trade deficit
  5. Current account convertibility.( me – sorry sir )
  6. Foreign exchange reserve- kitna h .
  7. RBI kha rkhta h foreign exchange reserves ko etc ( sorry sir )

Member 1

  1. Cooperative societies – its acT,: further discussion on it .
  2. Quad is like NATO ( I replied Quad is not like a military alliance & mentioned  China in indo pacific )
  3. Countries sharing resources chahte h , (I said China sharing nhi Chatha h – 9 dash line claim)
  4. China ka Indian Ocean pe influence ( replied ports development etc)
  5. RBI governor ko kon appoint Krte h . ( sorry sir not able recall committee )
  6. Rbi governor ko independent authority bana dena chahiye .

(I replied ki power ek me concentrate nhi kr skte h , accountability ensure Krne k liye distribute krni chahiye members me . )

7  retirement age ko 60 se 65 krne ki baat hoti h aajkl . Kya krna chahiye ?

I replied – life expectancy increase Ho rahi h aur medical infrastructure me improvement bhi ho raha . Retirement Age increase kr skte h

Then chairman interrupted & asked – jo youth h unke liye jobs & opportunities ki kmi bhi ho jygi or vo Iskaa virod bhi krnge

I replied , sir ye transition phase tk hoga or fr normal Ho Jayaga .

Member 2

  1. NGT act
  2. Green economy
  3. RBI kya cooperatives banks ko regulate krtaa h ?

I replied ki after defaulting of some cooperative banks  rbi ne guidelines Banayi h regulate k liye .

  1. Cooperative ministry ka kaam kya hoga .
  2. Cooperative me kamiya (negatives)
  3. What is public sector undertaking( PSU)

I replied about 50% presence & managerial task  in govt .
To PSU ko govt. hi kyu own kre
I again said others  shareholder ke are in share km hote h .
I mentioned about privatization by govt .

Member 3

  1. Supreme curt ka judgment jo uttarakhand & himanchal pr dharm sansad ( today’s newspaper se tha)
  2. Uttarkhand me haridwar district me DM h or dharm sansad pe hate speech hoti h or ap vhi h to ap us vkt kya krnge ( I replied jab extreme hate speech hogi to speaker ko shut down kr denge  )
  3. Public gusa Ho jygi vhaa pe isse , Ho skta h pattar Baji kre ( I replied hate speech ko rokna jaruri h varna chain of hate speech bnne lgti h )
  4. Haal me ese chain of hate crimes/ violence hue h ?

( I replied – sir India me stability h lkin ese Ho rhe h  Kuch hate crimes/violence  ko control Karne Ki jarurat h )

5 . Scientific temper nowadays reducing ?   Long some lines said by him .

I replied phle ke comparison me scientific temper Bada h education & all .

Apne gain (village) ka example Diya Ki vha pe lkin Abhi bhi log jhadbhuk pe viswas rakhte h Bismar hone me ; education  se youth me jhadbhuk pe viswas km hua ; scientific temper develop aur hoga education & health infrastructure Me improvement hone se )

  1. Uttarakhand me police ka investigation system sbse alg h purée India se or world se .

Pardon sir ,

Then member explained Ki PatwAri investigation krte h etc

I replied sir  Han phle PatwAri Krte honge lkin  ab mere gaon pe thana h or investigation ka Kaam vohi  Krte h .

Member 4

  1. LIC ipo , government kyu offer kr rahi h

( I replied insurance market m govt ka interference km Ho , competitive market Bne , strategic sector & non strategic sector etc,,,,…

  1. LIC to bs 3.7 % hi h market me isse kya hi hoga .

Replied – govt regulation ache se kr paaygi , or private sector  bdega .

( I think mene question got interpret kr Diya yaha pe .)

  1. Rural stress Sunne me Aata h ye kya h (Without my reply) he continued and asked about agricultural stress & mentioned about farmer suicide .

I replied – farmers suicide low income & agriculture me loan lete h moneylenders & banks se ; income achi nhi Ho Pati to debt hota h & virtuous cycle bnta

  1. Asked about solution of above problem

I replied – post harvest facilities , insurance Ho crops ka , bank credit , cold storages

5 post harvest se kya Meaning h .

I replied – grading kr paye farmers or market available Ho Jesse ki local traders se bache farmers .

6 . Farmers ke paas to jgh hi nhi h grading k liye

I replied – ki infrastructure develop & govt. 22000 rural market develop kr rahi h .

Member asked that ki tumne farming ki h ?

I replied sir ki phle or Bachpn me ki thi .

  1. Farmers producer organization ( FPO) Kese alg h cooperative societies se .

I replied – alg to h , lkin me isme ache se aware nhi hu . Sorry sir !

6 .National education policy 2020 – vocational training  ko school me kese include kr skte h

I replied – ITI & poly technique ki thrh

Member – ye to phle se h

I replied – sorry sir , muje ispe pdhne ki jarurat h .

Chairperson –  We have asked you most of the questions . If you want to ask anything etc….

Me -taken a pause & said that thank you for giving me opportunity .

Kbhi Uttarakhand aaye  to Uttarakhand ki dishes or cuisines try kijiyga   . Jesé Gahad , kalabatt , Mandua etc ab export bhi hone laga h ..

Suddenly member-3 interrupted & said that ki haldwani ki vo Mithai bhi to popular h , knsi h .

I replied with smile – Baal methaai .

Member 3  said – haan with different energy  & smiled .

Chairman – Baal mithai achi dish h .( in a lower tone)

✓ Chairman – you are free now . Your interview is over

Thanks to each member & came  out of the room

Overall experience – chairman was so cordial even interrupted in other member questions to explain question .

Mocks utility – Vajirao & reddy’s mock is good .

I have given less mocks this year .

Drishti is no value addition .

Chahal is average .

Ksg is also good .

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