[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #173 : Smita Nagraj Board, Rajasthan Home State, Medical Science Optional

Date of Interview: 28 April afternoon
Board: Smita Nagraj mam
Optional: Medical science
Home state: Rajasthan
Medium: Hindi
Profession: Doctor

College- GMC Nagpur (mbbs), BJMC ahmedabad(MD), Delhi (currently working)
Your experience in interview- cordial board


  1. If you want you can remove your mask
  2. Vaccinated?
  3. role of precautionary dose?
  4. where are you working currently? location of hospital?
  5. who was girdhari lal (my hospital named after him)
  6. is it trust hospital- (i said no it is govt hospital under NDMC)
  7. mam – then you are right candidate to ask about Delhi MCD merger what is you opinion?
  8. don’t you think it is against decentralisation?
  9. Your salary come on time ?

Member 1

  1. many candidates are coming from your school what is special about your school? (nothing special, one candidate was from my school in the same board on previous day)
  2. you have experience of 4 different states rajasthan, maharashtra, gujrat and delhi.. if you have to choose which one ?
  3. i said rajasthan (my home state)
  4. asked other than rajasthan- said maharashtra
  5. why ? good memories
  6. what memories?
  7. how memories formed ?
  8. then how we recall these memories?
  9. tell me something about delhi you don’t like? (air pollution, traffic congestion)
  10. how to solve this? said promote public transport like metro..
  11. she said Metro is already overcrowded
  12. did you travel by metro ?
  13. what is route ?
  14. when we say that a place is better for residence what facilities should be there?

Member 2

  1. What is mohalla clinic ?
  2. What is delhi health system?
  3. Health Insurance based model?
  4. tell 3 things in health where we need to focus?
  5. how your medical knowledge will be useful in civil services?

Member 3

  1. india’s stand on russia ukraine war?
  2. delhi – center conflict why? and what are solutions?
  3. what is raisina hill ? where exactly? what is raisina dialogue? issues discussed under it
  4. delhi govt is giving 300 units free electricity what is your views on it?

Member 4

  1. what are models to predict covid wave ?
  2. what is budget?
  3. who is responsible for making budget?
  4. You are working doctor.. suppose you come to finance dept how your knowledge will be helpful?

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