[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #174 : Smita Nagraj Board, Anthropology Optional, Cricket, Running Hobbies

Date of Interview: 27/04, Afternoon
Board: Smita Nagraj Maam
Optional: Anthropology
Profession: MBBS
Hobbies: Cricket, Running

Your experience in interview- Cordial board

Utility of mocks (if any)- Avoid Dristi,

Vajirao & Reddy, Chanakya mandal, KSG and 1 to1 with Ayush sir (ForumIAS) was helpful

No gloves, face shield or mask


  1. Monologue on health issues India is facing in last decade – If we look at health seeking behaviour of people in last 10 year, what changes do you see?
  2. During covid, we have seen that diseases like TB were neglected. Tell me 2-3 areas, where we need to focus most.
  3. If you get selected as an IAS, in which areas you would like to work except health.
  4. Which tribal areas in India are lacking in development ?
  5. Tribal issues?
  6. Tribes lives in inaccessible, forest areas, how administration can reach there or overcome this ?

Member 1

  1. Covid+monologue on mental health. Reason behind this, whats the solution?
  2. Why did you left Hospital job after 7 months ?
  3. What diseases were common to patients visiting your hospital?
  4. Have you heard about allergen testing? Explain

Member 2

  1. How PRIs are performing?
  2. Economy of Rajasthan?
  3. Rajasthan – tourist places and steps taken by govt to promote?
  4. Contribution of tourism in Rajasthan GDP?
  5. Where you have been working during covid.
  6. What difficulties you faced during work as a medical officer in delhi?
  7. You left job but if you go to the same hospital, do you think your hospital is ready for further covid waves?

Member 3

  1. A monologue on rural development. Then question on economic integration.
  2. cropping patterns in Rajasthan?
  3. Monologue on freebies. Your view?
  4. What about Delhi?
  5. So you told us good about freebies, what’s wrong with it?

Member 4

  1. Status of education in India
  2. Follow up question on dropping out of from schools?
  3. How to reduce drop outs in schools?
  4. MBBS seats are low compared to students appearing in exam. Reason and solution?

3-4 questions I don’t remember

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