[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #178 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional, Food vlogs  Hobby

Date of interview: 22 April
M Sathiyavathy mam
Optional: Geography
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Background: polymer science
Hobby: Food vlogs

1st interview

Initially they messed up with the sheet of attendance after DV . It took 10 min to resolve , anyway –

I entered the room, greeted mam and the other 4 board member

Chairperson read the daf aloud. Asked to put down my mask and she was not able to match my current look with photograph. I had to explain.


  1. asked for clarification of hobby (food vlogs of Indian cuisine)
  2. What is taught in the graduation
  3. What are industrial application of polymers?
  4. What are technical textile
  5. Tell me some technical textile in the room.
  6. How would u use your learning as president in administration(daf based)?

Member 1

  1. What step will you take as secretary of tourism to develop street food culture in India?
  2. i told some stuff then he asked
  3. tell me something related to infrastructure and other step
  4. Is uttar pradesh uttam pradesh
  5. 6 strength of uttar pradesh in bullet point
  6. (Was cut short on 2nd point)
  7. What are the infrastructure status of uttar pradesh?

Member 2

  1. Which is sarvottam pradesh ( based on my earlier answer)?
  2. What polymer used in this room.
  3. Up lokayukta ( i did not know much)
  4. Few more question don’t recall (sorry)

Member 3 ( more concerned about home district)

  1. Distance from Delhi
  2. History of the district
  3. What routes we may take
  4. what are technical textile used in eastern uttar pradesh agriculture?
  5. one or two more question. dont remember.

Member 4

  1. What step will u take in addressing crime issue if u are posted as ssp in your home district.
  2. Tell me some proactive measure.
  3. Who guards our border
  4. When army is deployed
  5. Tell me inert polymer( here tried trap me by saying I am not an expert update my knowledge)
  6. 6 . Is teflon an inert polymer , why is it so?
  7. Which part of the complex hydrocarbon reacts?

Utility of mocks – attended 6 mocks

  1. Next ias – some question asked directly
  2. Vajiram- help me in identifying my mistakes , here board motivated me alot
  3. Won’t name coaching- but demotivated alot ( although I resolve to bounce back)
  4. Vajirao – back with confidence ( feeling good after this)
  5. Ksg- confidence and body language improved exponentially
  6. Drishti- just a final practice , some question were asked directly .

One to one session

  1. Raveendran sir- excellent boosted my confidence
  2. Shabbir sir- anticipating question, and answer in conversational manner
  3. Khan sir- ( met 2 days before interview) – helped in building confidence to peak.


  1. Prepare daf well ,even if, question are not asked u will feel confident
  2. Mocks helpful in mannerism confidence build up , never to give wrong answer , broadening knowledge.
  3. Take mock as learning rather than final judgement
  4. Confidence in interview = comprehensive preparation of current affairs+ daf + sufficient number of mock ( number of mocks to be personally evaluated – don’t go by coachings).


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