[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #180 : RN Choubey Board, Bihar Home State, geography Optional, Hindi Song Hobby

Date of Interview: 25 April, Afternoon
Board: RN Choubey
Home State: Bihar
Background: BA hons from DU in geography
Optional: geography
Hobby: hindi gane sunna


  1.  if u don’t have any covid symptoms you can remove mask..
  2. We are friendly people we are nice people and want some conversation with u.. Don’t panic… If u want you can give interview in English.. I have written main in english.. Interview was in hindi..
  3. I opted hindi..
  4. Why india is promoting electric vehicle? ?   I said to reduce carbon emissions and oil import bill
  5. Don’t u thank we are transferring pollution from vehicle to thermal power plant as electricity is produced from coal in India??
  6. I said yes sir… But govt is promoting solar and wind for electricity. . And in future we run EV with that energy and then emission will decrese
  7. Vo to future ki bat hai Aaj to nhi ho raha Aaj EV ku???
  8. Me- india me EV technology new hai.. It will take time to develop.. We need infrastructure… So govt is promoting from today…

Member 1

  1. Criminal laws in India??
  2. Why crimes are rising despite laws??
  3. Difference between songs of 1980s and 2020s??
  4. New technology in music industry??
  5. Measure to control crimes??

Member 2

  1. India share longest border with which country???
  2. Difference between mixed agriculture and composite agriculture??
  3. What is agriculture diversificaton??
  4. Why we need it??
  5. Why diversification did not happen in India??
  6. Why rice and wheat only??

Member 3

  1. Why not retirement age for politicians as it is for bureaucrats??
  2. Electoral reform needed in India??
  3. Centre should have absolute power of law and order… Your opinion??
  4. Some counter question??
  5. States are dependent on centre for revenue.. Your opinion??

Member 4

  1. Why crude oil prices are rising in India??
  2. Why not rising in neighborhood country??
  3. How to dispose lithium battery??
  4. Could not recall other questions..


We have asked all from outside.. Do u want to say something.. We will not ask questions from that

I tell about Bihar and it’s recent economic growth..

Your interview is over.. Aapse bat karke achha lga.. U may go now…

I thanked all and left the room..

Time- 35-36 minutes.

Utility of mocks… Helped in confidence building and acquire communication skills.. Best of luck to all

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