[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #183 : Smita Nagraj Board, Kannada literature Optional, drone technology Hobby

Date of Interview: 26th April afternoon session
Smita Nagraj mam
Optional: Kannada literature
Hobby: Following drone technology


  1. Why civil services after engineering?
  2. There is unemployment among engineers, but still why more people are entering engineering?
  3. Is it a failure of the govt or the problem with the people?

Member 1

  1. Questions were mostly related to mechanical engineering(my graduation)
  2. which is your favourite subject in mechanical engineering?(I said automobile engineering)
  3. how would be the future of automobile Industry?
  4. what are the challenges with e-vehicles?
  5. why recently e vehicles are catching fire?
  6. what technological solutions to be brought?

Member 2

  1. Who received jnanapeeth in kannada  recently?
  2. What is the speciality of his works?
  3. What is he doing now?
  4. what are recent developments happening in drone technology?
  5. Do we have indigenously built drones?

Member 3

  1. what are the recent Infrastructure projects undertaken by the govt?
  2. what is the difference between e-vehicle and a hybrid vehicle?
  3. why are we not able to develop advanced battery technology. What challenges we have?
  4. what is urban mining? (I said I don’t know. He explained it to me and i thanked him)

Member 4

  1. you come from rural area, are you doing any community welfare activity in your village?
  2. Tell me any one such thing you are proud of.
  3. do you see any abandoned old age people in your village?
  4. how are they being helped. What measures have been taken?

Few questions I’m not able to recall but most of the conversation was around these topics.

Experience-very good. The board was very much cordial. Chairperson intervened and helped me when I was not able to understand a question asked by one of the members.

Utility of Mocks-Help us to get exposed to interview kind of environment. However questions asked in the interview may be entirely different from mocks.

Thank u🙏. All the best to everyone

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