[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #184 : RN Choubey Board, Gujarat Home State

Date of Interview: 02.05.2022, 4th to go
Board: Rajiv Nayan Chaubey
Background: ICLS(OT) , GST –STO, BOB officer, Software Engg job.
Home State: Gujarat

Majority of questions were DAF based


  1. Asked me to remove my mask if no covid symptoms
  2. Introduce yourself in 1 minute.
  3. are Naxalites Terrorists?
  4. Should there be bifurcation of states?
  5. Views on bifurcation of Vidarbha from Maha., Bundelkhand from UP-MP and J&k

Member 1

  1. Recent changes in the Corporate governance in 2-3 years and are they successful?
  2. Evaluate the tax rate reduction in Corporate Tax.
  3. What problems are the small traders facing in terms of GST return filings?
  4. Issues with card data stored when making online payment.

Member 2

  1. Asked about 5 year gap in my profile. What were you doing in that period?
  2. Divide Gujarat in different zones and tell me something about it.
  3. Are Cooperatives in Gujarat successful? if so why ?
  4. What can other states learn from this?
  5. Wont it lead to monopolization if too much successful?
  6. Have water issues in Gujarat been solved?
  7. Status of desalination in Gujarat?

Member 3

  1. What is IndAS ? why introduced?
  2. GST collections low in states and their power to tax has been taken away. If you are the finance minister of the state then what will you do to generate more revenue?
  3. How does RBI control inflation? Does it have an inflation target?
  4. What is the current stance of RBI and why ?

Member 4

  1. There is GPS, Google earth of USA. Should all countries have their own system for their interest ?
  2. Chairman interrupted and asked what is the name of India’s navigation system and its range?
  3. Continues – Too many people are making FPO under section 8 of companies act compared to the Society registration act. How will it affect the Society act?
  4. What is the status of Data servers in India? Do we have less resource or less servers?

Chairman, Would you like to share anything, regarding the interview or in general?

I said thank you and left the room.

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